Day: October 6, 2014

Tips for a Winning Research Proposal

The American Society of Engineering Education recently published a short article, “Tips for a Winning Research Proposal.”  This clear article gives concrete tips and additional resources for common pitfalls to avoid when preparing a research proposal. For example, did you know that for some agencies, half of the research proposals are rejected simply because they didn’t adhere to the proposal requirements? These tips could help your proposal be funded. These tips can be applied to fellowship proposals as well as research proposals.

Physics Department Recognized Nationally for Percentage of Women PhDs

The American Physical Society–an organization that works to advance and spread knowledge of physics through research journals, scientific meetings, education, outreach and advocacy–just issued a report listing the universities that awarded the highest percentages of PhDs in physics to women between 2010 and 2012.  Michigan Tech placed 12th in the nation with 42 percent of physics PhDs earned by women.

“This is a well-deserved recognition of the physics faculty members who are committed to diversity at Michigan Tech,” said Ravindra Pandey, chair of the Department of Physics.

Michigan Tech has made increasing the numbers of women students and graduates a key part of its strategic plan.  Due to a number of recruitment and retention initiatives, the percentage of women has been rising at the University, now nearing 25 percent, and Tech’s goal for 2035 is a student body that is 40 percent female.

“The Physics Department has already met and surpassed that goal, which is a great accomplishment,” said President Glenn Mroz.  “This is awesome recognition of the work of Ravi and his faculty.”

The College of Engineering also has been recognized recently for its percentage of overall doctoral degrees awarded to women. In its latest Profiles of Engineering and Engineering Technology Colleges, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) ranked Michigan Tech 10th in the nation in percentage of engineering doctorates earned by women. According to the ASEE, engineering doctorates received by women at Michigan Tech totaled 31.9 percent of all engineering doctoral degrees awarded by the University in 2013.

Copyright Workshop

The Van Pelt and Opie Library is offering a workshop, “Copyright and Your Thesis or Dissertation.” on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 2:00pm.

This workshop will examine the role U.S. Copyright law plays in the thesis or dissertation writing and publishing processes. The use of copyrighted material, publishing agreements and the role of the Digital Commons at Michigan Tech repository will be explored.  

The workshop will be held in room 242 of the Van Pelt and Opie Library and is limited to 25 attendees. Visit at the library’s Workshops site and view the calendar to select and register.  For questions, please contact Nora Allred, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian at