Doctoral Finishing Fellowship – Spring 2023 Recipient – Wei Zhang

My interest in the field of fuel cells was ignited when I was a master’s student in China. I enjoyed the sense of achievement when I constructed my first small fuel cell device that successfully converted hydrogen to electricity. I wished to broaden my vision in this field and prepare myself to be a qualified researcher with international experience, thus I started my PhD study at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Yun Hang Hu in Spring 2018.

My PhD research focused on advanced electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells. The stability of lithium-containing electrodes under fuel cell operating conditions was systematically investigated. Furthermore, a new fuel cell structure was designed based on the decomposition and diffusion of electrodes, achieving excellent device performance. I am pleased that my research could contribute to efficient and clean energy conversion technologies.

I would like to thank the graduate school and the evaluation panel for providing me with this important fellowship. This would help me concentrate on the completion of my PhD dissertation during the upcoming semester. I also sincerely appreciate my advisor, Prof. Hu, the MSE department, and my group members for all their support.