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Nominations open for Spring 2010 Finishing Fellowship

The Graduate School is now accepting nominations for the spring 2010 Finishing Fellowship competition.  Complete applications are due to the Graduate School no later than 4pm on October 29, 2009.

See our web page for complete information about the application procedure. Contact Debra Charlesworth with any questions.

Students are eligible if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Must be a PhD student.
  2. Must expect to finish during the semester supported as a finishing fellow.
  3. Must have submitted a Petition to Enter Full-Time Research Only Mode. No Finishing Fellowships will be awarded to students who fail to receive approval of their petition.

Summer 2009 Finishing Fellows Announced

Tech Today

The Graduate School has awarded its Finishing Fellowships for summer 2009.

The following PhD candidates will receive one-time finishing fellowships:

* Carrie J. Andrew (School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science)
* Cameron Hartnell (Social Sciences)
* Emily B. McCarthy (Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences)
* Bode J. Morin (Social Sciences)
* Alicia A. Thorsen (Computer Science)
* Tongquan Wei (Electrical Engineering)
* Zijun Xu (Biological Sciences)

Application procedures for the School’s fellowship programs and photographs of recent recipients can be found at www.mtu.edu/gradschool/administration/academics/honors-awards/ .

Nominations for the fall finishing fellowships will be accepted until 4 p.m. on Friday, June 26.

If you have any questions, contact Debra Charlesworth at ddc@mtu.edu or Heather Suokas at hlsuokas@mtu.edu .

Summer and Fall 2009 Doctoral Finishing Fellowships

The Graduate School is accepting nominations for Summer and Fall 2009 Doctoral Finishing Fellowships. The Graduate School anticipates funding up to 10 fellowships per semester with support ranging from $2,000 to full support (stipend plus tuition).

Applications are due Monday, March 16th at 4pm in the Graduate School.

Full details can be found in Tech Today or on the web.

Please direct any questions to Debra Charlesworth (ddc@mtu.edu) or Heather Suokas (hlsuokas@mtu.edu).