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Doctoral Finishing Fellowship Spring 2019 Recipient – Daniel Trepal

Daniel J Trepal
Industrial Archaeology

As a previous graduate of Michigan Tech’s Industrial Archaeology Masters program, I returned to Michigan Tech and the Social Sciences department to undertake my doctoral studies due to the excellent student support, interdisciplinary research opportunities, and the unique benefits of living and working on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Having previously spent nearly a decade working as a professional archaeologist specializing in the study of industrial landscapes, my doctoral research embraces a more interdisciplinary approach influenced by Spatial History and the Digital Humanities. I focus on studying postindustrial urban landscapes and their constituent communities from a historical, spatial, big data based perspective using GIS and other geospatial technologies.

It is a great privilege to receive the Finishing Fellowship; I look forward to wrapping up my dissertation this spring and moving on to a new set of challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my advisor, Dr. Don Lafreniere, my committee members, and all of the Michigan Tech faculty and fellow students who have supported me in many valuable ways as a student and colleague.

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award Fall 2017 Recipients

Congratulations! Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award Fall 2017 Recipients

Mahsa Asgarisabet (Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics PhD)
Briana Bettin (Computer Science PhD)
Jianheng Bi (Chemistry PhD)
David Falish (Civil and Environmental Engineering MS)
Sean Gohman (Industrial Heritage and Achaeology PhD)
Ian Greenlund (Biological Sciences MS)
Nancy Henaku (Rhetoric, Theory & Culture PHD)
Ashley Hendricks (Mechanical Engineering MS)
Melinda Kleczynski (Mathematical Sciences MS)
Miles Penhale (Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics PhD)
Julie Tomasi (Chemical Engineering PhD)
Saeedeh Ziaeefard (Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics PhD)

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship – Fall 2017 Recipients

Congratulations! Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship Award Fall 2017 Recipients

Ala Mahmood Nahar Al Zaalig (Mathematical Sciences PhD)
John Arnold (Industrial Heritage & Archaeology PhD)
Andrew Chapp (Biological Sciences PhD)
Sorayot Chinkanjanarot (Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics PhD)
Shuaicheng Guo (Civil Engineering PhD)
Ashok Khanal (Chemistry PhD)
Vinaykumar Konduru (Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics PhD)
Vincent Manzie (Rhetoric, Theory & Culture PHD)
Sathya Prasad Potham (Mechanical Engineering MS)
Sandesh Subhaschandra Rao (Mechanical Engineering MS)
Nicholas Steffey (Business Administration MS)
Mohammad Hosain Teimourpour (Physics PhD)
Brenna Thompson (Accounting MS)

Tech Gives Minnesota Communities’ History Back to Them

A PhD candidate in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology at Michigan Tech has given the residents of Minnesota’s Cuyuna Range a unique gift–a glimpse into the history of their own communities. Fred Sutherland is researching the history of the Cuyuna Range, an iron mining region between Brainerd and Aitkin, Minn., for his PhD dissertation. Earlier this month, he presented a summary of findings from a survey of nearly 900 historic buildings and sites along the Cuyuna Range.

Sutherland had to inventory the locations to identify potential sites for archaeological fieldwork. His architectural inventory is a model for public research advocated by Michigan Tech faculty, according to Tim Scarlett, associate professor of social sciences and head of Tech’s Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program.

Instead of isolating himself from community residents and organizations, the PhD student reached out to the community through stakeholder groups. He then coordinated a team of 12 local volunteers, equipped them with Michigan Tech instruments, designed their survey to the professional standards defined by the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office, and led teams of surveyors as they recorded sites in Crosby, Riverton, Wolford, Trommald, Deerwood and Ironton, Minn. Eventually, they catalogued 876 individual buildings.

On Jan. 14, Sutherland presented the volunteers’ results at a public meeting and delivered a complete printed inventory to community residents. He also presented the communities with a multi-volume report for the archives at the Hallett Memorial Library in Crosby, Minn. Community organizations and local governments can now use the information collected by their own citizens for civic planning and efforts to nominate eligible structures and neighborhoods to the National Register of Historic Places.

Sutherland’s efforts also generated intense public curiosity about archaeology, heritage and preservation, Scarlett said.

The collaborative project began during the winter of 2010-2011, when the Ironton chapter of the Serbian Sisters contacted the Industrial Heritage and Archaeology program at Michigan Tech. Supported by a seed gift from Charles Leir and Laura Ukura-Leir of Ironton, Minn., the initial goals of the collaboration were to research and publish the first major academic study of the heritage of the Cuyuna Range mines and communities; to use Michigan Tech’s expertise to help improve range communities’ efforts at cultural revitalization, economic redevelopment and planning; and to train young professionals in best practices for Industrial Heritage and Archaeology efforts.

The collaborative team is seeking funding for the second phase of the study, including archaeological excavations of various industrial sites to yield clues about this poorly understood iron mining region. Sutherland would like to investigate a rare example of an Ardis Furnace, the Milford and Sagamore mine locations, and the Rowe Concentrator and Portsmouth Sintering Plant sites in the Cuyuna Range. Anyone wanting to help support this research can contact Scarlett at scarlett@mtu.edu or Ben Larson, senior advancement officer for the Michigan Tech Fund, at balarson@mtu.edu.

Published in Tech Today by Jenn Donovan, public relations director

2014 Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

The Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI) is currently accepting applications for the 2014 Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program.

Through this flagship fellowship program, graduate, pre-doctoral, and post-doctoral students – as well as conservationists and senior scholars – have the opportunity to delve into independent research and study across an incredible range of disciplines.

Smithsonian Institution Fellows have access to unparalleled collections, world-class scholars, and state-of-the-art facilities to explore science, art, history, and culture.

Fellowship awards range from 10 weeks to 2 years with stipends ranging between $6,500 to $50,000.

Application deadline for the 2014 cycle is January 15, 2014.

The program is open to US citizens and Non-US citizens. Applicants whose native language is not English are expected to have the ability to write and converse fluently in English.

U.S. EPA Research Funding Opportunity – Student Competition in Sustainability

Applications are open for the EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Program for the 2014-2015 school year.

The deadline for application is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17th, 11:59pm EASTERN TIME.

Official Request for Applications and instructions on how to apply here:  11th Annual P3 Awards: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability

For general program information, visit: www.epa.gov/p3

EPA offers annual research grants to U.S. colleges and universities to engage students in projects to solve our world’s most serious environmental challenges.  Through EPA’s P3 Program, students work in teams to design sustainability solutions and compete for more funding to take their ideas from the lab to the real world.

In its 10th year, EPA’s P3 program fosters team-based learning, interdisciplinary effort and class-to-real-world experience.  Take this opportunity for the 2014-15 school year to excite your students about making a difference in the world today.  Hear from past students about their experience with the program:  Students Talk about EPA’s P3 Program

The P3 Team at
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460

Cyber Citizens article published in UP news website

Upper Peninsula Second Wave, a UP news website, published article about Michigan Tech’s Cyber Citizens and their development of a citizen scientist smartphone application called EthnoApp.

The Cyber Citizens project goal is to build smartphone apps and websites that connect average citizens with scientists to help acquire valuable environmental information across the world.

A team of graduate and undergrad students at Tech led by Alex Mayer, a professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Robert Pastel, a professor of computer science, have worked to develop four different apps so far.

For more on the article, click here

Published in Tech Today

New Dissertations in the Library

The Graduate School is pleased to announce new dissertations are now available in the J.R. van Pelt and Opie Library from the following programs:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Forest Science
  • Geophysics
  • Industrial Heritage and Archaeology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
  • Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Felix Adom
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: David R Shonnard
Dissertation title: The Potential of Industrial Waste and Agricultural Feedstock Towards Sustainable Biofuels Production: Techno-Economic and Environmental Impact Perspectives

Tianle Cheng
Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Yu Wang
Dissertation title: Diffuse-Interface Field Approach to Modeling Self-Assembly of Heterogeneous Colloidal Systems and Related Dipole-Dipole Interaction Phenomena

Neluka Dissanayake
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Physics
Advisor: Miguel Levy
Dissertation title: Magneto-Photonic Crystals for Optical Sensing Applications

Jiqing Fan
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: David R Shonnard
Dissertation title: Sustainable Energy Production in the United States: Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels and Bioenergy

Alexandru Herescu
Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
Advisor: Jeffrey Allen
Dissertation title: Two-Phase Flow in Microchannels: Morphology and Interface Phenomena

Mohamed Ibrahim
Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics
Advisor: Wayne D Pennington
Dissertation title: Amplitude-Versus-Angle Analysis and Wide-Angle-Inversion of Crosswell Seismic Data in a Carbonate Reservoir

Kevyn Juneau
Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Science
Advisor: Catherine Sophia Tarasoff
Dissertation title: Integrated Management of the Invasive Species Cirsiumarvense, Canada Thistle, and Phragmites australis, Common Reed: Using Ecologically Based Control Measures at Each Stage of the Invasion Process

Katherine Snyder
Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Rupak M Rajachar
Dissertation title: Development of Vapor Deposited Silica Sol-Gel Particles for a Bioactive Materials System to Direct Osteoblast Behavior

Kefeng Li
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
Advisor: Ramakrishna Wusirika
Dissertation title: Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Torch Lake Sediments and Their Role in Phytoremediation of Metal Contaminated Soil

Wenjia Liu
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Bo Chen
Dissertation title: Data Driven Intelligent Agent Networks for Adaptive Monitoring and Control

Kimberly Rudkin
Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Advisor: Marika Ann Seigel
Dissertation title: Add a Dash of Rhetoric, a Pinch of Technical Communication, a Handful of Pedagogy, and Mix Well: Cookbooks and Recipes as Instructional Texts, and What Domestic Texts from 1870 to1935 Can Teach Us About Technical Communication

Scott See
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Heritage and Archaeology
Advisor: Larry D Lankton
Dissertation title: Keweenaw National Historical Park: Heritage Partnerships in an Industrial Landscape

Pei Tang
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
Co-Advisors: Amlan Mukherjee and Nilufer Onder
Dissertation title: Assessing Decision Making Strategies in Construction Management by using a Schedule-based Simulation Framework

Foad Yousef
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences
Advisor: W. Charles Kerfoot
Dissertation title: Application of Remote Sensing in Aquatic Ecosystems