Niusen Chen and Bo Chen awarded MTU Bhakta Rath Research Award

Dr. Niusen Chen in the Fall 2022 Computing Showcase Poster Competition
Dr. Bo Chen in 2021

Niusen Chen, recent PhD graduate of Computer Science, and his advisor Bo Chen were recently awarded the 2024 Bhakta Rath Research Award! This award, endowed by Dr. Bhakta B. Rath and Sushama Rath in 2010, honors a PhD graduate student/advisor pair each year that exemplify excellence in scientific and engineering research.

Niusen has played a big role in cybersecurity research during his PhD, and has been involved in over 15 publications in the field since 2020.

Now, Niusen is a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science and has already received an ICC/GLRC Rapid Seedling Award grant to jumpstart his next steps.

Meanwhile, Bo Chen continues his excellence in both research and teaching, working on multiple sponsored research projects while involving his students extensively in his work.

Congratulations to Dr. Bo Chen and Dr. Niusen Chen on their deserved recognition!

Fun Fact – 2 of the last 3 recipient pairs of the Bhakta Rath Research Award have recognized ICC members (2022 – Dr. Jingfeng Jiang and Dr. Kevin Sunderland)

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