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CpE Advising Contact Info

Updated August 6, 2021

Hello everybody!

I am generally available in some format from 9–noon and 2–4:30 Monday through Friday, with the usual occasional exceptions for meetings, calls, etc. Since I also manage K-12 outreach efforts in the department, there are occasional blocks of time where I will be unavailable. Schedule meetings take priority over walk-ins!

Schedule an appointment: here!

The primary method of meeting is in-person. Please make sure to indicate if you need or prefer virtual before the semester starts!

Walk-ins here in EERC 131: welcome during business hours as long as I’m here. Just like everywhere else on campus, masks and appropriate care are required in the advising office.

Other ways to contact me:

  • Email (
    • I do my best to respond as quickly as feasible Mon-Fri
  • Phone (office: 906-487-1161)
  • Other idea or platform? Ask and I’ll let you know.

Out of office 11/5-8.


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