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CpE Advising Contact Info

Updated March 4, 2021

Hello everybody!

I am generally available in some format from 9–noon and 2–4:30 Monday through Friday, with the usual occasional exceptions for meetings, calls, etc. Since I also manage K-12 outreach efforts in the department, there are occasional blocks of time where I will be unavailable. Schedule meetings take priority over walk-ins!

Schedule an appointment: here!

The primary methods of meeting are virtual or in-person. Please make sure to indicate which you prefer and/or check the mode of the slot you are booking.

Walk-ins here in EERC 131: welcome during business hours as long as I’m here (Mon, Wed, Thur). Just like everywhere else on campus, masks and appropriate care are required in the advising office.

Other ways to contact me:

  • Email (
    • I do my best to respond as quickly as feasible Mon-Fri
  • Phone (office: 906-487-1161)
  • Other idea or platform? Ask and I’ll let you know.

Reduced/odd hours over spring break 3/8-3/12.


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