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Day: March 12, 2020

CpE Advising Contact Info

Updated August 6, 2021

Hello everybody!

I am generally available in some format from 9–noon and 2–4:30 Monday through Friday, with the usual occasional exceptions for meetings, calls, etc. Since I also manage K-12 outreach efforts in the department, there are occasional blocks of time where I will be unavailable. Schedule meetings take priority over walk-ins!

Schedule an appointment: here!

The primary method of meeting is in-person. Please make sure to indicate if you need or prefer virtual before the semester starts!

Walk-ins here in EERC 131: welcome during business hours as long as I’m here. Just like everywhere else on campus, masks and appropriate care are required in the advising office beginning August 15.

Other ways to contact me:

  • Email (
    • I do my best to respond as quickly as feasible Mon-Fri
  • Phone (office: 906-487-1161)
  • Other idea or platform? Ask and I’ll let you know.

Out of office 9/3-6 and 9/23-26.


Judy Burl’s contact information:

Planned days off:  Oct 15

1.  Available  typically 8 am – 4 pm M-F: For Walk-ins in 131 EERC and/or Zoom Advising Hours –  With exceptions for appointment and meeting times. 
The wait room is used for privacy. Stop in for one on one advising, as if you are walking into my office. Waiting Room is needed in case someone else is meeting or if I have stepped out for a bit.

2. Schedule a Google An advising appointment with Judy here. Use your MTU calendar/email address. For fall 2021, meet with Judy in EERC 131 at your scheduled time. If you prefer to meet remotely, let me know and we’ll use Google Meet with your MTU calendar.

3. Email: jmburl @ 
E-mail me your advising question(s) or days/times you are available for a meeting, preferably 8:30am-3:30pm M-F

Many questions can be answered using email or by searching the Advising Blog

4. Judy’s office phone – 906-487-2232    
Messages go to my email if I am working remotely or if I’m off.

906-487-2550 – The ECE Department main office / EERC 121
Dept Fax: 906-487-2949
I am also known as: Judy Donahue jmdonahu@ (previous name)

Fall and Spring semester hours:
I am usually available M-F 8 am – 4 pm, with variability for meetings and days off.
I assist Electrical Engineers, Double-majors with CpE and EE, Robotics Engineers, EE minors, and students interested in pursuing one of these!

Here is the contact information for Liz Fujita, Advisor for Computer Engineers and ECE Outreach Specialist.