Day: October 27, 2021

BSEE changes: EE3261 and EE4250

Effective with the Fall 2022 BSEE degree requirements (including the concentrations where applicable), academic year 202208 (2022-2023):
EE3261, Control Systems and EE4250, Modern Communication Systems will no longer be required courses for the BSEE. Six credits of EE Electives will be added to the EE Electives area of the degree.
Students will have more choice in choosing focus areas, EE Electives and senior sequences that best match their interests. 
Students interested in Controls, should take EE3261. Students interested in Communications should take EE4250. 

Current students (202108 and earlier) will be allowed to substitute another EE Elective course, of the same or higher level, in place of EE3261 or EE4250 if there is a preferable choice. Your degree audit report will need to be adjusted by Judy, before you graduate, if you choose a substitution course. (EE4805 and EE4000 project and Research credits may not count)
Eventually, EE3261 will become a 4000-level course.
Please review your EE Elective course choices and evaluate the best courses for your area(s) of interest. Seniors and Juniors– please meet with Judy after Nov. 9th 2021 if you need an audit adjustment for a substitution. Meanwhile, register for your EE Elective choices. 
Students graduating later than Summer 2022 will be able to update their BSEE “Catalog Term” to 202208 (AY 2022-2023 requirements) after August 2022, if you wish to follow the new requirements. Please wait until August or later to evaluate this option. (That degree year doesn’t exist yet)

Contact Judy Burl if you have questions or need help with planning., EERC 131