Day: December 8, 2021

RE Approved Electives list (human/machine related)

Choose one course from this list to fulfill the Robotics Engineering (RE) Approved Elective requirement. These courses include some element of human and computer or technology interaction.

Robotic Engineering (RE) Approved Electives (choose 3 credits):

HF 2000 Engineering Psychology (3 cr) Fall

HU 3710 Engineering Ethics (3 cr) (UN 1015 and (UN1025 or Modern Language -3000 level or higher) Spring

HF 3850 Human Factors (3 cr) PSY 2000 or HF 2000; Even Springs (alternating) Replaced PSY 3850

PSY 4010 Cognitive Psychology ( 3 cr) PSY 2000 Fall

PSY 4160 Sensation and Perception ( 3 cr) BL 1040 or BL1020 PSY 2000 or HF 2000 On Demand alternating years (Check with Cog. Sci Dept.)

PSY 4870 Human-Centered Design (3 cr) On Demand (Check with Cog. Sci Dept.)

PSY 3860 Human Performance ( 3 cr) PSY 2000 JR or SR; On Demand (Check with Cog. Sci Dept.) ?