Excused Absence notice Spring 2022

From: Dean of Students Office Jan. 7, 2022

It is quite possible that some of us will have our lives disrupted by omicron during spring semester. As a result, we recommend that everyone plan in advance how to address disruptions.

Students should plan for potential disruption in advance. Students who must be absent from class must contact their instructors as soon as possible. It is each student’s responsibility to contact their instructors and determine how to best obtain the information presented in class and complete missed assignments.

If a student needs to be away from class for more than three consecutive days, they must contact the Dean of Students Office (DOS) immediately to request an excused absence. If an excused absence is granted, the DOS will provide official notification to instructors.  In accordance with the University’s attendance policy, making arrangements to make up missed work is the student’s responsibility, even for excused absences.

Please reach out to the Dean of Students Office if you have questions or need assistance with an excused absence.

The Dean of Students Office