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Proposals in Progress April 23-25, 2012

Assistant Professor Durdu Guney (ECE/IMP), Associate Professor Joshua Pearce (MSE/IMP) and Associate Professor Paul Bergstrom (ECE/IMP), “Increasing Solar Engergy Conversion Efficiency in Hydrogenerated Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Devices with Plasmonic Perfect Meta-absorbers Forms,” NSF

Associate Professor Yun Hang Hu (MSE/IMP), “Non-stoichiometric Lithium Imides and Exploration of Their Performance for Hydrogen Storage,” NSF

Undergraduate Student Expo showcases talent

On April 12, Michigan Technological University hosted the 13th Annual Undergraduate University Expo. In the ballroom of the Memorial Union Building, undergraduate students displayed exhibits from their Enterprise teams and senior design projects.

Senior Design winners included the Bioabsorbable Polymer-Coated Metal Stent Degradation Simulation Design team, the Economic Recovery of Alloying Elements from Grinding Swarf Design team and the Portage Health Noise Monitoring Device Design team.

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