Day: February 13, 2023

5 Star Reviews

Thank you to the guests who left these 5 star reviews recently!

We were there today for a high school race. The hill was in great shape… we travel around to a lot of hills in the U.P., the lady who cooks at the food court [Sandy] is not only such a wonderful welcoming individual, her food quality is as a Chef! You expect to pay a whole bunch for a little food at a ski hill, but under her direction…. you get more than what you are use to expect (plus, it’s soooo good!) Great place to visit when you want to experience FULL winter when it may not be happening anywhere else…. a good bet.

-Eric B.

Rental service is awesome, staff is friendly and helpful. Food is good and the ski hill is groomed and has two lifts and a tbar.

Awesome lil place right in town.

-Michael S.