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Sue Hill is the Digital Content Manager for the College of Engineering.

Archaeologist, Chemical Engineer Unite in a War on Rust

Industrial archaeology studies the past and seeks to enshrine it as heritage. In that undertaking, archaeologist Tim Scarlett, of the Department of Social Sciences, has his eyes focused far into the future: he wants an ironclad way to preserve artifacts in order “to curate into perpetuity.” Scarlett and chemical engineering professor Gerard Caneba have received $25,000 from the National Park Service to research methods to combat rust, which is iron’s ill fortune… [read more]

Nemiroff Honored for Astrophysics Research

From leading-edge research to extraordinary showmanship, few scientists have made as big an impact on their field as astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff, the corecipient of the 2012 Research Award. In nominating Nemiroff, physics professor Don Beck and Ravindra Pandey, chair of the physics department, cited his research based on gravitational lensing, noting that his groundbreaking predictions regarding binary stars, quasars and microlensing events have been proved correct…. [read more]

Michigan Tech Remains the Nation’s Top Peace Corps Master’s International Graduate School

Michigan Tech ranks as the No. 1 Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI) university nationwide for the seventh consecutive year. There are eight distinct PCMI graduate programs here, and the ones in the College of Sciences and Arts include Applied Science Education,Rhetoric and Technical Communication, and Biological Sciences… [read more]

Research Excellence Fund Awards Announced

The vice president for research is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Research Excellence Fund Awards, which total $515,000. Recipients in the College of Sciences and Arts include Michael Gretz, Charles Kerfoot, Kari Henquinet, Kedmon Hungwe, Ranjana Mehta, Thomas Werner, Qing-Hui Chen, Stefaan De Winter, Amy Marcarelli, Rebecca Schmitz, Xiaoqing Tang, Thomas Werner, Lanrong Bi, Bahne Cornilsen, and Haiying Liu… [read more]

Keeping Wood Preservatives Where They Belong: In the Wood

A team of Michigan Technological University scientists has used nanotechnology to keep the chemicals inside the wood where they belong. “It’s a new method that uses nanoparticles to deliver preservatives into the lumber,” said chemistry professor Patricia Heiden. “In our experiments, it reduced the leaching of biocides by 90 percent…” [read more]

ESC/BRC Student Research Forum Winners Announced

The Ecosystem Science Center (ESC) and the Biotechnology Research Center (BRC) announce award recipients of the Seventh Annual ESC/BRC Student Research Forum, held March 25. Awards to graduate students in the College of Sciences and Arts include a $100 Merit Award from ESC to Meagan L. Harless in Biological Sciences and $100 Merit Awards from BRC to Surendar Reddy Dhadi in Biological Sciences and Xiaochu Ding in Chemistry… [read more]