Broken Links and Misspellings Reports

Michigan Tech has been using a tool called Siteimprove to find various issues on webpages. The system has the ability to email broken links or misspellings reports to people on a regular basis, either monthly or with each crawl (approximately every five days).

If you are interested in receiving these reports for a site within Omni CMS, please email with the following information:

  • Which report: broken links, misspellings, or both.
  • How often: monthly or after every crawl. You could choose a different frequency for each report.
  • Specific sites you want the report for if you do not want all sites that you have access to

You will receive a separate email for each report.

  1. When you receive the email, download the report using the Download link. You should see a list of pages that have broken links, misspellings, or words to review (depending on the report you opened).
  2. Click the page title to see where on the page the occurrence is. Broken links and misspellings will be highlighted in red, words to review will be highlighted in yellow.
  3. A list of all occurrences for the page will be listed along the left side of the page when you click the title link. Click on them to see each one on the page.
  4. Fix or remove the issue in the CMS and publish the correction.
  5. Close the tab for the page and go on to the next one.
  6. If you have misspellings or words to review that are actually correct, please email them to and ask that they be marked as ok.

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