In News of the Exciting yet Absolutely Unsurprising: Last Friday, the Board of Control promoted Laura, Philart and Tim to Associate Professor with tenure. Congratulations to all three!

Charles Wallace

—Congratulations to Laura Brown, Philart Jeon, and Timothy Havens on promotion to Associate Professor with tenure!

Please join me in congratulating Philart on receiving a research grant from NIH through George Washington University in the amount of $76,336. The project is entitled, "NRI: Music-based interactive robotic orchestration for children with ASD". This is the 2nd year funding from NIH via the NRI (National Robotics Initiative) program. As a multi-PI, Philart has developed a facial detection system and sonification robots with his students.

Congratulations Philart!

- Dr. Min Song

—Myounghoon Philart Jeon Receives Research Grant from NIH

Winners of the 2016 NMU Invitational Programming Contest

Programming Competition winners
Congratulations to Benjamin Closner, Rory Straubel, and Mitch Davis for winning the 2016 NMU Invitational Programming Contest! Pictured left to right: Jason Hiebel, Benjamin Closner, Rory Strauble, Mitch Davis and Dr. Min Song, Department Chair and Professor of Computer Science.

The winning team “MID OR FEED” consisted of MTU undergrads: Mitch Davis, Rory Straubel, and Benjamin Closner. Laura Brown and Leo Ureel represented our faculty and helped organize Michigan Tech’s participation in the event. PhD Candidate Jason Hiebel assisted us. The Seventeenth Annual Northern Michigan University Invitational Programming Contest was held from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M. EST on Saturday 9 April 2016 on the campus of Northern Michigan University (Marquette Co, MI).

The contest was organized by the NMU student chapter of the ACM and was attended by 77 students on 29 teams representing the following 5 schools and organizations.

  • Lake Superior State University, Chippewa Co, MI
  • Bay de Noc Community College, Delta Co, MI
  • Copper Country Coders, Houghton Co, MI
  • Michigan Technological University, Houghton Co, MI
  • Northern Michigan University, Marquette Co, MI

The contest consisted of 6 problems to be solved over a 5 hour period. First place went to Michigan Technological University MID OR FEED, second place went to Northern Michigan University BELT LOOP, and third place went to Northern Michigan University THE AWESOMOS.

  1. The first place school was Michigan Technological University.
  2. The second place school was Northern Michigan University.
  3. The third place school was Bay de Noc Community College.

Complete results and problem solutions can be found at

Please join me in congratulating Keith on receiving a Google Faculty Research Award for $47,219. The project is titled “Less is More: Investigating Abbreviated Text Input via a Game”.  The project will use an Android game to answer four questions: 1) What sorts of abbreviations do users think they should use? 2) How do users change their abbreviations in response to recognition accuracy? 3) Can we train users to abbreviate intelligently to help the decoder? 4) Can we improve decoder accuracy on abbreviated input?

Keith Vertanen
Keith Vertanen

Keith joined the department last August, and has submitted three research proposals. Congratulations Keith!  Keep the nice work up! -Dr. Min Song