How to turn off image compression in Word

Word 2007 introduced a new “feature” that compresses your images to 220ppi after saving.  This saves file space for your documents, but images at this resolution do not meet Graduate School requirements for printing.  This tutorial will show you how to turn off this feature in Word 2007 for a single document.  Word 2010 users should see the Microsoft web page for instructions.

We recommend doing all image editing in a program dedicated to that purpose, such as Photoshop, before inserting images into your Word document.  Images must be at least 300ppi unless they are screenshots.  Screenshots are only allowed when absolutely necessary to convey the information.  All images must also be clear and readable.  Increasing the resolution of a low resolution image to 300ppi will not be acceptable.

First, click on the image and then ribbon so that the “Picture Tools…Format” portion of the ribbon is visible (circled below).

Click on image and select the "Picture Tools - Format" portion of the ribbon.
Click on “Compress Picture” on the far left of the ribbon.

Click on the "Compress Pictures" command.
Click on “Options.”

Click on "Options..." in the Compress Pictures dialog box.
Uncheck the “Automatically perform basic compression on save” option as shown in the picture below.  By default, this option is checked for each new document you create.  Click OK in this dialog box and in the “Compress Pictures” dialog to get back to your document.

Uncheck the "Automatically perform basic compression on save" option.
Delete the pictures that were compressed, and reinsert them using the “Picture” command on the “Insert” tab of the ribbon.

Use the "Picture" command on the "Insert" tab of the ribbon to place new images in your document.
Compression is a document property, so it must be turned off for each document in Word 2007 if compression is not desired.