2012 History Day Students Advance to State Finals

Eighty students from five school districts participated in nine categories at the National History Day, Michigan-District 1 competition held Feb. 25 at the Michigan Technological University Memorial Union Building in Houghton.

The district competition is sponsored by the Michigan Tech Archives, Michigan Tech Social Sciences Department, the Quincy Mine Hoist Association, and The Historical Society of Michigan.

Following the national theme of “Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History,” students in grades 6-12 produced works in the categories of research paper, group and individual documentary, group and individual exhibit, group and individual performance, and group and individual website.

Forty-three students from District 1 will proceed to the state competition to be held April 28 in Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Junior Division-Individual Documentary
Samuel Wallace, Houghton Middle School, “Coups, Collaborators and Consequences: Chile 1973,”

Junior Division-Group Website
Isabella Maki and Colleen Toorongian, Houghton Middle School, “60s Anti-War Music (Vietnam)”

Junior Division-Group Exhibit
Lisa Keskimaki, Rebekah Scherbring and Hannah Wentworth, Houghton Middle School, “The ‘Unsinkable’ Titanic”
Wyatt Liston, Gunnar Stein and Ri Chen, Houghton Middle School, “Michael Jordan.”
Linsey Johnson and Jensen Rajala, Jeffers High School, “Slam Dunk into Basketball Changes”

Senior Division-Individual Research Paper
Noah Kozminski, Hancock Central High School, “Vive la Revolution!”
Jackie Jahfetson, Chassell Schools, “First Greensboro – In the End, Victory!”
Deven Muljo, Lake Linden High School, “The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Senior Division-Group Performance
Laura Berg, Ashlyn Kero and Olivia Leukuma, Hancock Central High School, “Jackie Robinson: Breaking Color Barriers to Integrate Sports”
RyLee Anne Maki, Madeline Huhta and Juliana Hupp, Chassell Schools, “A Blast from Harriet’s Past! Abolishment of Slavery as a Reaction to Tubman’s Work on the Underground Railroad”

Senior Division-Group Documentary
Ayla LaRoe and Karli Michaels, Chassell Schools, “The Beatles: From Europe to America, they Conquered it All”
Kadie G. Alholinna and Callie Stromer, Hancock Central High School, “Reactions to 911: Beyond America’s Tears”
Mia Ruonavaara, McKenzie Jackola and Nathan Meyette, Hancock Central High School, “The American Jews’ Involvement in the Destruction of Adolf Hitler”

Senior Division-Individual Exhibit
Heather Waineo, Chassell Schools, “John Brown’s Revolt Against Slavery”

Senior Division-Group Exhibit
Jacy Goddard and Marti Warren, Chassell Schools, “Dorothea Dix and the Asylum Movement”
Ellie Hyypio and Abby Heikkila, Chassell Schools, “Pablo Picasso’s Revolution in Art”
Kailey Auguston and Leslie Hamar, Hancock Central High School, “The Stolen Generations: The Aboriginal Fight for Equality”

Senior Division-Group Website
Alex Almquist and Taylor Mattson, Hancock Central High School, “The High Rise for Women’s Basketball”
Sara Kilpela and Kirsten Daavettila, Chassell Schools, “American Industrial Revolution”
Tanner Kearly, Tony Fisher and Anna Meese, Hancock Central High School, “Steroids in Baseball”

Senior Division-Individual Website
Marah Erickson, Chassell Schools, “Germ Theory: Revolution in Medicine”
Aaron Posega, Hancock Central High School, “Digital Music Distribution: Changing the World, One Download at a Time”

Local History Award
Group Exhibit: Abby McConnon, Madison McConnon and Beth Sundblad, Lake Linden-Hubbell High School, “Ghost Towns of the U.P.”