List of Collections to be Processed

The following is a list of the 93 manuscript collections included in the “Extracting Buried Treasure” project funded by the National Historical Records and Publications Commission.

MS-009 The Fortnightly Club Collection (2.0 cf)

Records, 1937-present, of the Fortnightly Club in Hancock, Michigan. Organized in 1937 as a religious study group for young married couples, the group initially intended to “encourage sociability among the young married people of the district, to improve our knowledge in certain fields of learning and to demonstrate the practical aspect of religious experience.” During later years, the group distanced itself from a religious theme and continues to this day as a social and study club. Finding aid is available.

MS-010 Brockway Diary Collection (2.0 cf)

Diary collection, 1866-1897, of the Brockway family, including Daniel D. Brockway, his wife Lucena Brockway, J. N. Scott and his wife Mrs. J. N. Scott.  It is probable that this last individual is the Brockway’s daughter, Sarah L. Scott, one of the earliest white persons to have been born in the Lake Superior region.  The majority of the diaries (twenty-seven of the thirty-two items) are by Lucena Brockway.  Finding aid is available.

MS-016 Daniel Brockway Family Collection (16.0 cf)

Collection, 1852-1924, of the Daniel Brockway family, an early merchant and community building family in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.  Contains correspondence, financial records and legal records of Daniel Brockway’s many land and business ventures throughout the Great Lakes region, particularly the activity of several stores Brockway operated with his son, Albert A. Brockway, under the partnership D.D. Brockway & Son.  The collection also includes records of several mining enterprises with which Brockway was involved, as well as personal records of several other members of Brockway’s extended family.  Finding aid is available.

MS-019 Brockway Photograph Collection (9.0 cf)

Photograph collection, circa 1860-1970, of several generations of Brockway descendants, an early merchant and community building family in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.  Includes many photographs of the descendants of Daniel D. and Lucena Brockway, including members of the extended Farwell, Gardner and Childs family lines.  Finding aid is available.

MS-020 Roy Drier Collection (29.0 cf)

An artificial collection gathered by Michigan Tech faculty member and local historian Roy Drier. Predominantly material from circa 1842-1936, the collection includes record books, letters, deeds, maps and other documents. Although ranging broadly in thematic content, the collection includes lighthouse journals, copper shipping documents, and some of the only documents surviving from early pioneers such as Ransom Shelden, Columbus Christopher Douglass, and Charles North Wright. Finding aid is available.

MS-023 Arizona & Michigan Mining Company Ledgers (5.0 cf)

Records, 1908-1913, from the Arizona & Michigan Mining Company. This company is typical of numerous start-up ventures financed in Michigan’s mature copper district (penny stocks purchased by local investors) which searched for mineral strikes outside of the region. As its name implies, this company operated a copper mine in Globe, Arizona.  Collection includes financial records, stock book, and employee payroll. Finding aid is available.

MS-024  League of Women Voters of the Copper Country Records (50.85 cf)

Records, 1962-1997, of the League of Women Voters of the Copper Country, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s branch of the national nonpartisan political organization.  Includes organizational election records, board meeting minutes, annual meeting records, voters guides, school guides as well as the records collected by a representative of the League of Women Voters of the Copper Country while attending and observing public meetings of local municipal organizations.  Finding aid is available.

MS-026 Temple Jacob Jewish Congregation Collection (0.5 cf)

The Congregation of Israel was formed in October 1898 and succeeded by the First Congregation of Israel in April 1909. Collection includes congregational records, articles of incorporation and an institutional history file. Members of this congregation included many significant members of the region’s merchant class. Finding aid is available.

MS-028 J. Van Pelt Copper Range Research Collection (18.0 cf)

Collection, 1895-1973, of research files and draft manuscript of a historical study of the Copper Range Company, compiled and written by Dr. John Robert Van Pelt. Collection contains some original mining company records, notes from oral interviews with the company’s executives, and several copies of the manuscript in various stages of completion and editing. Finding aid is available.

MS-029 William Brinkman Collection (4.35 cf)

Photograph collection, circa 1890-circa 1980, of William H. Brinkman of Redridge, Michigan.  Greater part of collection includes images of the Freda and Beacon Hill area of Houghton County, Michigan.  Depicts local people, area mining operations, schools, town scenes and group photos.  Finding aid is available.

MS-032 Kukkonen Photographic Studio Collection (28.0 cf)

Collection, 1913-1970, of the Kukkonen Studio in Hancock. Includes registry records with names, addresses and negative numbers of people who came to the studio, a collection of numbered negatives, and a variety of ephemera and other business records. Some negatives will need to be re-housed and others may need to be deaccessioned due to their deteriorated state. Finding aid is available.

MS-034 Peter Crebassa Collection (0.5 cf)

Collection, 1831-1891, of Peter Crebassa, a fur trader and agent for the American Fur Company at Mackinac, Michigan.  Includes personal and business correspondence to and from Peter Crebassa, as well as on his behalf.  Also includes statements of accounts, contracts, court cases and photographs of Crebassa and his family.  These records relate to Crebassa’s involvement with the fur companies, the Chippewa Indians, the Catholic Missions and the federal government and offers a unique view of the relationships between these institutions as well as demonstrating the significance of the fur trade to the early settlement of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the Great Lakes Region.  Finding aid is available.

MS-035 Copper Country Masonic Lodge Records (35.0 cf)

Records, 1861-1996, consisting of records from numerous Masonic organizations which have operated in Michigan’s Houghton and Keweenaw counties.  Documents include membership lists, formal record and minute books describing rites and rituals of the various lodges, financial and dues records, as well as operational by-laws and state reporting documentation. The collection also includes partial records of Masonic building associations in Houghton, Hancock and Calumet. Finding aid is available.

MS-038 Herman Gundlach Photograph Collection (4.0 cf)

Photograph collection, 1913-2005, of Herman Gundlach, Jr., president of Herman Gundlach, Inc., a construction company based in Houghton, Michigan.  Includes photographs from 84 photo albums showing buildings constructed by Herman Gundlach and successive construction firms.  Most buildings are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, especially Houghton and Ontonagon counties.  Finding aid is available.

MS-040 Miscowabik Club Records (12.0 cf)

Records, 1903-2003, of the Miscowaubik Club of Calumet, Michigan. Established as a private membership club on January 28, 1903, the Miscowaubik Club provided social and recreational club house facilities for the region’s mining, banking and merchant elite. The organization was ostensibly owned and operated by the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company and was housed in the renovated former home of the company’s chief mining captain. It remains one of the state’s longest continuously-operating private membership clubs. Finding aid is available.

MS-041  Herman Gundlach Architectural Drawings Collection (6.0 cf)

Measured drawings, predominantly 1899-1927, of local construction firm, Herman Gundlach, Inc. Collection includes more than 125 drawing sets, mostly blueprint copies of other architectural firm’s drawings, of buildings constructed in the Copper Country and other parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Includes some of the more prominent structures in Houghton, Hancock, Painesdale and other U.P. communities. Finding aid is available.

MS-042  John T. Reeder Photograph Collection (36.0 cf)

Photographic negatives and prints, circa 1890-1981, collected, copied and/or taken by John Thorley Reeder and his son John Harry Reeder. The Michigan Tech Archives’ largest and most extensive historical photograph collection, covering a remarkable range of topics, date ranges, and photographic media (including some very early color positive lantern slides). Collection has been sleeved and rehoused. Finding aid is available.

MS-043 Keweenaw Historical Society Collection (27.0 cf)

Collection, 1767-1962, of the Keweenaw Historical Society of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  This significant collection comprises the research archives of this early heritage organization and includes mining company reports dating from before 1870, personal papers, including correspondence, and pamphlets as well as printed ephemera representing the history of Houghton, Keweenaw, Ontonagon and Baraga counties.  Finding aid is available.

MS-044 Earl Gagnon Photograph Collection (4.0 cf)

Photograph collection, 1864-circa 1976, of Earl Gagnon, a resident of Ripley, Michigan and staff writer and photographer for The Daily Mining Gazette of Houghton, Michigan.  Includes images of ships, railroads, lighthouses, schools, copper mines and minings and buildings as well as local sports teams, local residents and Keweenaw scenery.  Also includes photographs of the construction and installation of the Bishop Baraga monument on Keweenaw Bay.  Finding aid is available.

MS-045 Calumet & Hecla Geological Map Collection (36.0 cf)

Collection, circa 1850s to 1970, primarily dimensioned drawings and maps collected by the Geology Department of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company. Although the collection includes a large number of geological and underground maps and drawings, some of its most valuable pieces are surface maps of mining locations across the region, including some of the only depictions of company towns, mining company housing, and smaller towns along Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.  Finding aid is available.

MS-050 Harold Putnam Photograph Collection (9.7 cf)

Photographic negatives and prints, 1953-1987, from Harold and Beatrice Putnam. Collection includes a wide variety of tourism photography undertaken by this couple at sites across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, particularly in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The Putnam’s photography was included in tourism literature produced by local, regional and statewide agencies as part of coordinated economic development efforts associated with the decline of extractive industries. Finding aid is available.

MS-051 Daily Mining Gazette Photograph Collection (15.0 cf)

Photograph collection, 1952-1979, of the Daily Mining Gazette, a newspaper published daily in Houghton, Michigan.  Includes images taken by the newspaper’s photographers for publication.  Covers local and regional subjects and events.  Finding aid is available.

MS-052 Hodge Foundry Collection (3.0 cf)

Records, 1880-1902, of the Hodge Iron Foundry of Ripley, Michigan, also known as the Lake Superior Iron Works.  Includes indexed accounts, general ledgers and payroll accounts.  Finding aid is available.

MS-053 Portage Entry Quarries Company Collection (2.2 cf)

Collection, 1893-1918, of the Portage Entry Quarries Company of Jacobsville, Michigan.  Includes business correspondence, ledger books, maps and photographs.  The bulk of this collection relates to James W. Wyckoff’s tenure as superintendent of the Portage Entry Quarries Co.  Finding aid is available.

MS-054 Portage Lake United Church Records (7.0 cf)

Records, 1861-1999, of the First Congregational Church of Hancock, Michigan, the First Presbyterian Church of Houghton, Michigan and the Portage Lake United Church of Houghton, Michigan.  Includes minutes, financial reports, membership records, photographs, correspondence and other records.  Finding aid is available.

MS-056 Hancock Home Study Club Records (2.35)

Records, 1883-present, of the Hancock Home Study Club, the first women’s club in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Formed in connection with the Society for the Encouragement of Study at Home, located in Boston, Massachusetts, the collection includes yearly programs, minutes from meetings and annual reports as well as financial records, programs from anniversary celebrations and other special events and various documents pertaining to the Club’s history.  Finding aid is available.

MS-058 Clarence Monette Collection (48.0 cf)

Collection, undated, contains research materials, articles, photographs, historical documents and objects relating to the publications of Michigan’s Copper Country historian and author Clarence Monette.  Finding aid is available.

MS-065 Richard Hoar Correspondence (0.18 cf)

Correspondence, 1859-1910, received and sent by Richard M. Hoar, a prominent early citizen of Houghton, Michigan.  Includes correspondence pertaining to his business with his brother, J. Hoar & Brother, a general merchandise business, as well as other business related correspondence, bills and receipts.  Also includes correspondence from his capacity as a member of the Michigan state legislature and Houghton town official.  Finding aid is available.

MS-079 WHDF Radio Station Records (2.25 cf)

Records, 1929-1979, of the WHDF Radio Station operating in the Copper Country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Includes correspondence, reports, financial records, stock certificates, licenses, newspaper clippings, history of the station and other related ephemera.  Also includes oversize maps and geological surveys of the surrounding area.  Finding aid is available.

MS-080 Copper Range Company Collection (633.0 cf)

Collection, 1851-1983, of the Copper Range Company of Painesdale, Michigan as well as its subsidiary companies: Atlantic Mining Company, Baltic Mining Company, Champion Mining Company, Copper District Power Company, Copper Range Motor Bus Company, Copper Range Railroad, C. G. Hussey & Co., Michigan Smelting Company, Trimountain Mining Company and White Pine Mining Company.  Includes correspondence, corporate reports, business records, financial records and land deeds as well as company housing records, rental agreements, employee aid fund records, employment records and printed ephemera.  Finding aid is available.

MS-082 Reverend Herman Page Collection (18.0 cf)

Collection, 1890-1996, compiled by Reverend Herman Page on the history of Michigan’s Copper Country with a particular focus on Copper Country railroads.  This collection covers most of the railroads of the Copper Country including the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway, the Mineral Range Railroad, and the Hancock and Calumet Railroad as well as information on various mining companies and locations in the Copper Country.   Includes glass plate negatives, photographs, clippings, correspondence, maps, diagrams, postcards and memorabilia.  Finding aid is available.

MS-095 Lake Superior Radio Club Records (0.18)

Records, 1948-1958, of the Lake Superior Radio Club, a group of amateur radio enthusiasts in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Includes minutes of the club’s meetings, copy of the by-laws and amendments, mailing list and correspondence as well as an amateur radio license.  Finding aid is available.

MS-121 August Parta Grocery Daybook (0.23 cf)

Daybook, 1912-1914, for August Parta’s grocery store in Centennial Heights, Michigan.  Listed as number 18, includes customer’s names with records of their purchases and payments.  Finding aid is available.

MS-143 Superior Foods Cooperative Inc. Records (3.15 cf)

Records, 1976-1982, of the Superior Foods Cooperative Inc. in Ahmeek, Michigan.  Includes organizational records, financial records and newsletters from Superior Foods as well as records from other cooperatives in the area.  Includes bylaws, stock certificates, membership information, order forms and newsletters from Common Health Warehouse Cooperative Association in Duluth, Minnesota, their food supplier, and newsletters from the Keweenaw Cooperative Inc. in Hancock, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-183 Samuel Alexander Parnall Autobiography (0.1 cf)

Autobiography of Samuel Alexander Parnall, a graduate of the first class of the Michigan Mining School in Houghton, Michigan, and president of the alumni association from 1892-1893.  Written as a letter to a younger relative, it details his experience growing up in Rockland, Michigan, his attendance at the Michigan Mining School and subsequent career as a mine engineer and superintendent around the western United States and Mexico.  Finding aid is available.

MS-220 Ben R. Chynoweth Collection (16.7 cf)

Collection, circa 1835-circa 1970, of Ben R. Chynoweth, a resident of Hancock, Michigan and amateur historian of Isle Royale, Michigan.  Collection documents the shipping, mining endeavors and fishing industry of Isle Royale in addition to the formation of Isle Royale National Park in 1940.  Photographs in the collection show the island’s geographical features, the people, the fishing industry, and the Great Lakes ships.  Includes pamphlets, correspondence, maps, scrapbooks and newspaper clippings as well as an unpublished manuscript by Ben Chynoweth on the history of Isle Royale, “Here’s Isle Royale.”  In addition, a bibliographic citation index is included.  Finding aid is available.

MS-236 General Store Account Books (0.71 cf)

Account books, 1858-circa 1880, for unidentified general stores in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Day book entries include lists of goods purchased, lists of items to purchase, recipes for various medicines, notes and short diary entries.  One day book appears to be for a store near L’Anse, Michigan.  Also includes a ledger with customer’s purchases and day book listed.  Finding aid is available.

MS-266 Italian American Federation of the Upper Peninsula Records (0.45 cf)

Records, 1909-1982, of the Italian American Federation of the Upper Peninsula, a mutual benefit association that united the various Italian mutual benefit societies of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Includes convention programs, membership cards, minutes, correspondence and newspaper clippings as well as a gavel and several photographs.  Finding aid is available.

MS-267 Italian Mutual Beneficial Society Records (0.35 cf)

Records, 1905-1930, of the Italian Mutual Beneficial Society in Calumet, Michigan.  Includes doctor and insurance papers, bills paid, bank statements, checkbooks, ticket books, a journal and several copper postcards.  Finding aid is available.

MS-268 Club Alpino Pont e Locana Records (0.45 cf)

Records, 1906-1923, of the Club Alpino Pont e Locana.  Includes account ledgers, minutes of meetings, membership books, checkbooks and bank passbooks.  Most of the writing is in Italian.  Finding aid is available.

MS-269  Ladies’ Industrial Society of the Lake Linden Congregational Church Records (0.19 cf)

Records, 1925-1978, of the Ladies’ Industrial Society of the Lake Linden Congregational Church in Lake Linden, Michigan.  Includes ledgers, minutes, notebooks and correspondence as well as receipts and records of cash disbursements.  Finding aid is available.

MS-283 Mary Harrington Diaries (0.35 cf)

Diaries, 1941-1985, kept by Mary Harrington of Hubbell, Michigan.  Documents the daily life of a local woman.  Finding aid is available.

MS- 292 Eagle Harbor School District Records (0.38 cf)

Records, 1853-1917, of the Eagle Harbor School District No. 1 in Eagle Harbor, Michigan.  One volume contains minutes from 1853-1895, including minutes from the meeting establishing the school district.  Also included in the volume are expense records from 1871-1917 for the school district.  Finding aid is available.

MS-314 Calumet Ingot Club Records (0.70 cf)

Records, 1948-1985, of the Calumet Ingot Club, also known as the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Calumet-Laurium, Michigan.  Includes minutes, history and charter of the organization and correspondence files.  Finding aid is available.

MS-332 Bosch Brewing Company Radio Commercials (1.0 cf)

Commercials, 1959-1964, for the Bosch Brewing Company, a brewery in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Produced by Clinton E. Frank, Inc., includes 33-1/3 rpm recording disks, possibly master copies, of Bosch Brewing Company’s radio advertising campaigns.  Finding aid is available.

MS- 337 Albert Paine Memorial United Methodist Church Records (0.23 cf)

Records, 1902-1975, of the Albert Paine Memorial United Methodist Church in Painesdale, Michigan.  Includes records of members, probationers, marriages, baptized children, baptisms and deaths of members as well as articles of incorporation, board meeting minutes and printed ephemera.  Finding aid is available.

MS-345 Calumet Brewing Co. Records (0.35 cf)

Records, 1903-1930, of the Calumet Brewing Co.  Includes correspondence, bills and receipts.  Although the company was dissolved in 1923, there is paperwork and correspondence with lawyers and insurance companies attempting to collect debts owed to the Calumet Brewing Co. Finding aid is available.

MS-349 August Mayworm Papers (0.45 cf)

Papers, 1886-1914, of August Mayworm, a saloon owner in Hubbell, Michigan around 1900.  Includes bank passbooks, ledgers with assorted names and company accounts, tax records, liquor license records and various ephemera.  Finding aid is available.

MS- 370 Jay A. Hubbell Scrapbooks (0.35 cf)

Scrapbooks, 1872-1884, documenting the early political career of Jay Abel Hubbell, a native of Avon, Michigan, and later Copper Country attorney and U.S. Congressman.  Includes newspaper clippings from numerous papers as well as other publications.  Finding aid is available.

MS-418 Copper Country Dairy Records (2.0 cf)

Records, 1954-1986, of the Copper Country Dairy, Inc. of Dollar Bay, Michigan.  Includes deeds and construction plans, financial records, inventory lists, distribution documents, marketing data and operational data as well as bankruptcy and closing documents and an embossing stamp.  Finding aid is available.

MS-429 Mass Co-operative Company Records (0.42 cf)

Records, 1918-1969, of the Mass Co-Operative Company of Mass, Michigan with branches in Bruce Crossing and Baraga. Includes an account ledger, bills, receipts, stock certificates, and a check book with canceled checks. Finding aid is available.

MS- 443 H. Kenneth Hamar Collection (0.35 cf)

Collection, 1855-1927, compiled by H. Kenneth Hamar.  Contains a history of Chassell, Michigan, and records from various lumber companies of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula including Hamar Land and Lumber Company, Worcester Lumber Company and the Sawyer-Goodman Lumber Company as well as land grant certificates, Houghton Chassell & Southwestern Railroad papers and various correspondence.  Finding aid is available.

MS-455 Kenneth L. Dorman Collection (10 cf)

Collection 1945-1990 including personal papers and organization records pertaining to local tourism agencies, veterans’ organizations, economic development, and federal agencies.   Finding aid is available.

MS- 497 Martin L. Britz Collection (13.0 cf)

Correspondence, letterpress books and other business records from several law firms, circa 1871 to 1903. Collection also includes records of J. Hoar & Brothers freight company (1860-1878) and shipping documents for the steamship Ivanhoe which provided regular service between L’Anse and the Portage Lake district in the 1870s and 1880s.  Additional records of Ivanhoe from Coll. 98-066A Steamer Ivanhoe (1.0 cf) could be integrated with this collection.  Finding aid is available.

MS-531  Trinity Episcopal Church Records (2.35 cf)

Records, 1860-1989, of Trinity Episcopal Church of Houghton, Michigan.  Includes minutes of annual, vestry and women’s auxiliary meetings, correspondence, parish registers, marriage records and church service registers.  Also included are the founding documents with the articles of agreement.   Additionally, partial records of several smaller Episcopal churches in Michigan with connections to Trinity Episcopal Church are included, including St. Luke’s Church of Dollar Bay, St. George’s Church of Hancock, St. Mary’s Church of Painesdale and St. Peter’s Church of South Range/Winona.  Finding aid is available.

MS-584 William S. Thomas Papers (0.45 cf)

Papers, 1867-1880, of William S. Thomas, a one-time resident of Eagle River, Michigan.  Includes a diary as well as a weather journal that in addition to documenting the daily weather, also describes some of his plant finds.  Also included is a photo album featuring images from Marquette, Michigan and north into the Copper Country.  Finding aid is available.

MS-585 Swande Godell Collection (0.9 cf, Location: 06 K 1)

Collection, 1912-1979, of Swande Godell of Chassell, Michigan.  Includes biographical and genealogical material as well as personal and business correspondence, field notebooks, logging camp account books and Chassell Lumber Company records.  Finding aid is available.

MS-587 Daily Mining Gazette Records Collection (45.0 cf)

Mixed collection of correspondence, business records, and scrapbooks from the Houghton’s longest continuously published newspaper. Includes personal papers of the publisher William Rice, as well as documentation pertaining to other business ventures he was connected to. A cursory typescript inventory is available. Photographs dated 1955-1978 were removed to form a separate collection.  Finding aid is available.

MS-596 Keweenaw Cooperative Inc. Collection (5.25 cf)

Collection, 1976-1990, of material from the Keweenaw Cooperative Inc. of Hancock, Michigan.  Includes minutes and correspondence of the Board of Directors, minutes from general membership meetings, newsletters, land contract for the storefront, recordings of annual picnics and photographs.  Finding aid is available.

MS-609 Calumet Women’s Club Collection (2.0 cf)

Collection, 1891-1990, of the Calumet Women’s Group of Calumet, Michigan, a civically minded group dedicated to community service and personal growth.  Includes scrapbooks, press book, annual report and award plaque.  Finding aid is available.

MS-634 Henry Trathen Personal Store Account Books (0.01 cf)

Account books, 1878-1900, personal store account books for Henry Trathen.  Small notebooks kept by the customer to record purchases made on credit.  Includes account books from general stores Harris Seager & Co. in Ripley, Michigan and Graham Pope in Houghton, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-661 Grant Township Records (0.18 cf)

Records, 1866-1867, from Grant Township, Michigan, includes two bonds, an 1866 bond of Frank Mayer as Highway Commissioner and an 1867 bond of William Bodinus as Constable.  Finding aid is available.

MS-670 Mason Family Collection (1.0 cf)

Collection, 1913-1994, of the Mason family of Painesdale, Michigan.  Includes papers and printed ephemera from Diadama Mason, a school teacher at Jeffers High School in Painesdale, as well as journals and ledgers from Mason’s Hilltop Cabins and Mason’s Gas Station.  Finding aid is available.

MS-671 Stephen Pierce Personal Store Account Books (0.18 cf)

Account books, 1894-circa 1910, personal store account books for Stephen (Steven) Pierce (Pearse).  Small notebooks kept by the customer to record purchases made on credit.  Includes account books from Hendrickson & Mantta Co. (later Mantta Co.), a general store in Hancock, Michigan, Frank Eilola & Co., a store providing groceries, meats and provisions in Hancock, Michigan and an unidentified store in Ripley, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-679  Kerredge Hardware Records (0.45 cf)

Records, 1883-1896, for Kerredge Hardware Store of Hancock, Michigan.  Includes account books and a partial journal for Kerredge Hardware as well as bills, receipts and miscellaneous lists and notes.  Finding aid is available.

MS-683 Perkins Burnham Correspondence (0.1 cf)

Correspondence, 1859-1867, between Perkins Burnham and various members of his family as well as some unidentified business correspondence.  As a clerk in a general store in Eagle Harbor, Michigan, Burnham describes to his family his job dealing with the miners from the Copper Falls Mine and the Central Mines in addition to his living quarters, meals and entertainment.  Finding aid is available.

MS-693 St. Joseph’s Community Hospital Records and Research Collection (10.0 cf)

Records, 1911-2001, of St. Joseph’s Community Hospital in Hancock, Michigan.  Also includes records from the hospital after it changed its name to Portage View Hospital and Portage Health System as well as from the School of Nursing.  Includes corporation, management and development papers, staff minutes, pay dues books, staff books, newspaper clippings, video and audio cassettes and photo albums.  In addition, there are also binders from G. A. Hellman, chairman of the Board of Trustees during the transfer of ownership from the Sisters of St. Joseph’s.  Finding aid is available.

MS-696 Fight For Justice Tribal Takeover Collection (3.0 cf)

Collection, 1981-2003, of the grassroots organization, Fight For Justice, whose membership included tribal elders, men, women and children of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community in Assinins, Michigan.  Includes transcripts and audio recordings with fifteen people involved in the takeover of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Tribal Center.  Also includes information on the initial takeover of the center and the aftermath, consequences and opinions of the takeover as well as tribal history, elections and enrollments papers, casino information and an outline of Tribal Council chairman Fred Dakota’s trial for receiving casino kickbacks and income tax fraud.  Finding aid is available.

MS-700 Ocha Potter Autobiography (0.18 cf)

Autobiography, 1878-1950, by Ocha Potter, a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, superintendent of the Ahmeek mine, head of the Keweenaw County road commission, and coordinator of relief efforts in the region during The Great Depression. Includes photographs,  newspaper clippings and additional material added by his descendents.  Also includes an epilogue written twelve years after the initial memoir detailing the intervening years.  Collection also includes a CD-ROM with photographs.  Finding aid is available.

MS-701 Keweenaw County Election and School Records (2.0 cf)

Records, 1918-1947, include elector registers for Eagle Harbor Township, Michigan as well as monthly reports, elementary student records and monthly grade registers from public schools in Keweenaw County, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-704 Calumet Matinee Musicale Club Programs (0.35 cf)

Programs, 1915-1948, of the Calumet Matinee Musicale Club, a community chorale organization in Calumet, Michigan.  Includes the annual printed programs.  Finding aid is available.

MS-715 Keweenaw Printing Company Samples (0.18 cf)

Samples, circa 1907-circa 1972, of printed material from the Keweenaw Printing Company.  Includes menus, entertainment programs, business brochures and cards and programs for various local clubs, organizations and unions.  Finding aid is available.

MS-717 Scott Print Shop Samples (1.2 cf)

Samples, undated, of printed material from the Scott Print Shop in Calumet, Michigan.  Includes theater programs, advertisements, business stationery, brochures and signs as well as cards, invitations and programs for various local clubs, organizations and people.  Finding aid is available.

MS-722 Bosch Brewing Company Delivery Log (0.18 cf)

Delivery log, 1915-1916, of the Bosch Brewing Company.  Details delivery schedule of beer for Hancock, Michigan.  Indicates date of delivery, customer names, number of barrels ordered and any payments received.  Finding aid is available.

MS-724 Flora Baumgartner Diary (0.18 cf)

Diary, 1899-1905, of Flora Baumgartner (Mrs. P.G. Baumgartner), a resident of the Copper Country, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-751 Copper Country Store Ledgers (2.0 cf)

Records, 1868-1888, from a number of stores in Keweenaw County, Michigan. Collected by local historian Charles Stetter, the bound volumes include store inventories, customer ledgers, credit transactions, and teamster information.  Finding aid is available.

MS-768 Houghton County Election Collection (5.0 cf)

Collection, 1898-1938, of election materials from Houghton County, Michigan.  Includes results from local, primary, presidential and special elections as well as town notices, posters, advertisements, propaganda, lists of registered voters, lists of delegates, pamphlets of electoral procedures, voting results and other ephemera pertaining to elections.  Finding aid is available.

MS-780 Nissila Livery and Greenhouse Collection  (3.0 cf)

Collection 1899-1996, consists of financial and operational records, correspondence and photographs relating to the livery and floral businesses operated by the Nissila family of Ripley, Michigan.  Also included are photographs and negatives unrelated to the business operations, including negatives taken during the family members’ services in WWII and the Vietnam War.  Finding aid is available.

MS-785 Lawton Family Collection (1.0 cf)

Collection, circa 1881-circa 1933, of the Lawton family of Michigan.  Includes field notebooks of Charles DeWitt Lawton, written during his tenure as State of Michigan Commissioner of Mineral Statistics, as well as correspondence of Charles Latham Lawton and Swaby Lawton.  Also contains biographical information on family members including Charles Latham Lawton, Swaby Lawton, Nathan Oliver Lawton, Charles E. Wright and Ross Dunbar Blackburn.  Finding aid is available.

MS-787 Central School Records (0.1 cf)

Records, 1877-1890, of the school at Central Mine location in Keweenaw County. Census of school provides details of lives of children in early Copper Country schools, information about teaching faculty, and other information about education in this remote site. Finding aid is available.

MS-789 Walter S. Prickett Papers (33.0 cf)

Papers, 1868-1941, of Walter S. Prickett, a farmer and resident of Sidnaw, Michigan.  The majority of this collection is correspondence, but also includes maps, land deeds, farm reports and documents as well as articles and clippings.  Finding aid is available.

MS-797 J. W. Nara Photograph Collection (1.0 cf)

Photographs, primarily prints, 1899-1920, from Calumet photographer J.W. Nara. One of the region’s first resident professional photographers, the collection includes images of Calumet, local mines, and other urban scenes. Importantly, the collection also includes depictions of regional farm and rural life, early automobiles, and recreation. Finding aid is available.

MS-796 Adams Township School Records (0.7 cf)

Records, 1871-1878, of the Adams Township School in Houghton County, Michigan.  Includes daily registers for teachers recording pupil attendance and names and ages of the students.  Finding aid is available.

MS-799 Oliver A. Farwell Personal Papers (7.0 cf)

Personal papers and some business records from local botanist Oliver Atkins Farwell. Collection documents the lives of members of Farwell’s family, as well as the intermarriage with the Brockway family of Keweenaw County. O.A Farwell became chief botanist for the Parke, Davis and Company of Detroit and the Farwell family maintained a historic home in Lake Linden containing a variety of papers and records from the Brockway and Farwell families.  Finding aid is available.

MS-808 Franklin School Records (2.0 cf)

Records, circa 1915-circa 1940, from the Franklin Township school in Houghton County, Michigan.  Includes report cards, attendance records, grade books and workbooks.  Finding aid is available.

MS-854 Hanchette & Lawton Court Case Records (3.0 cf)

Records, 1913-1914, of Hanchette and Lawton law firm which was employed by the Copper Range mining company to defend deputies involved in the Seeberville shooting incident during the Western Federation of Miners 1913 Michigan copper miners’ strike.  Collection includes internal memoranda, court documents, photographs of the crime scene and depositions of the parties involved.  Finding aid is available.

MS-857 Donald L. Nelson Maritime Collection (12.0 cf)

Research files about lighthouses, life saving stations, United States Coast Guard boats and other maritime topics. Included are photographs, books and oversize material as well as information and writings by local historian and U.S. Coast Guard veteran Donald Nelson.  Finding aid is available.

MS-869  Victoria Copper Mining Company Records (51.3 cf)

Records, 1899-1923, of Victoria mine in Ontonagon County, Michigan. Includes correspondence, employment records, rent and housing records, accident reports, and other business records.  Finding aid is available.

MS-883 Edwin Hulbert Papers (2.0 cf)

Papers, 1868-1913, primarily correspondence from Edwin Hulbert to Frederick Mackenzie. Hulbert is credited with discovering the Calumet conglomerate lode, the richest ore body in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula and basis for success of the Calumet & Hecla mining company. MacKenzie was editor of the Copper Country Evening News, and during the 1890s published a series of letters from Hulbert. Collection includes pieces of miscellaneous correspondence from other writers, financial records and receipts, an unidentified photograph, and a small assemblage of marbled end papers.  Finding aid is available.

MS-886 Ivy Rebekah Lodge #163 Minutes (0.01 cf)

Minutes, 1952-1955, of Ivy Rebekah Lodge # 163, a chapter of the fraternal order residing in Lake Linden, Michigan.  Finding aid is available.

MS-905 Huron Dam Disaster Collection (0.01 cf)

The Huron Mining Company constructed a dam to provide power for their stamp mill around 1863.  On January 1, 1884, the dam suddenly burst, destroying two homes and killing six people.  A committee, which included Houghton County Clerk Thomas D. Meads, was formed to search for bodies and provide aid to victims.  The collection consists of a list of people who searched for bodies after the dam collapse and various payment notes.  The material was created by Thomas D. Meads, either as a member of the relief committee or in his role as county clerk.  Finding aid is available.

MS-909 David S. Coon Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence (1.58 cf)

David S. Coon was born in Hancock around 1889 where he established Coon’s Drug Store in the 1920s.  Along with his wife Florence, he moved to Escanaba in the late 1930s.  Coon became one of the leading figures behind the formation of the Delta County Historical Society and served as its secretary-curator.  The collection contains newspaper clippings and correspondence relating to the history of the Copper Country compiled by David S. Coon.  Finding aid is available.

MTU-021 Grover C. Dillman Papers (11.0 cf)

Papers, 1845-1974, of Grover Cleveland Dillman, the fourth president of the Michigan College of Mining and Technology (now Michigan Technological University) in Houghton, Michigan.  Includes papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries and photographs from Dillman’s career, including extensive records of his previous employment as head of the state road commission and his involvement in economic development and tourism initiatives in the 1940s and 1950s.   Finding aid is available.

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