Fall 2010 Consortium Meeting, Ontonagon, Michigan

A short blog posting and photos from this event are posted here.

Local History Groups to Meet in Ontonagon

The Northland Historical Consortium will convene its Fall 2010 meeting on Saturday, September 25, 2010, in Ontonagon. The event, hosted by the Ontonagon County Historical Society, will be held at the Holy Family Catholic Church at the corner of Pine Street and Michigan Avenue in the village of Ontonagon. The public is invited to attend, regardless of their affiliation with a heritage organization and the program will begin at 8:30 a.m. eastern time.

The meeting will feature two presentations. The first, by Michael Genrich, will discuss the research and writing process for the author’s third novel, titled Interior, and will include an illustrated presentation concerning the ghost town of the same name in Ontonagon County.  In the second segment, Bruce Johanson, president of the Ontonagon County Historical Society, will discuss the group’s efforts to engage younger people in local history and museum activities, and suggest projects and programming that historical societies can use to involve a new generation of youth in this important work.

The day will be rounded out with tours of the historic Ontonagon Lighthouse, which has been under continuing restoration and interpretation by the historical society, as well as the group’s main museum in downtown Ontonagon. All tours, access to the facilities, and a luncheon are included in a $15 event registration fee. Following lunch, historical organizations will have an opportunity to report on their recent activities and to discuss the Consortium’s work to highlight heritage activity in the region.  

The Northland Consortium is an informal association of local historical societies, archives and historians in Northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Central and Western Upper Peninsula.  A $15 event registration fee will include all presentations, tours, refreshments and the luncheon.  

For further information on the event, or to register to attend, contact Bruce Johanson at 884-6886 or Josie Olson at 886-2645 / oldjosie@jamadots.com

The Michigan Tech Archives serves as coordinating organization for the Northland Historical Consortium.

Please postmark registration by Friday, September 17
$15.00  Includes lunch, refreshments, etc.

Please provide the following information as you would like it to appear on your name tag.



Mailing address:  

Zip Code:
Daytime Phone:
E-mail address:

Please mail your complete form and include $15.00 check payable to Ontonagon County Historical Society
Mail to:  Victoria James, OCHS Museum, 422 River Street, Ontonagon MI 49953

Please send a separate form for each attendee, though a single check is acceptable for groups.

Questions?   Contact Bruce Johanson at 884-6886 or Josie Olson at 886-2645 / oldjosie@jamadots.com

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