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Researchers are expected to visit the Archives’ reading room to undertake their own research. Staff of the Michigan Tech Archives are available to assist, but we are not generally in a position to undertake research for out of town patrons.

For individuals who are unable to visit the Archives, the Michigan Tech Archives maintains the following list of local independent researchers. The Archives does not employ these individuals, but keeps the list in the hope of matching the needs of these local researchers with the needs of Archives’ patrons and genealogists who may be unable to travel to the Copper Country to undertake their own research projects. Although our primary interest is to support use of our collections, researchers on this list may also be contacted for projects involving research at local records offices, cemeteries, and other archives.

The Archives takes no involvement in setting fee schedules for this sort of research and does not post fees as part of its listing. These independent researchers maintain their own operating procedures, manage contact with patrons, and bear responsibility for the outcome of their work. The Archives’ only role is to provide this listing for the convenience of our researchers.  Information about being included on this list is available here.

Individuals seeking the services of an independent researcher should contact researchers directly about rates, likely turnaround time, and expected results. These individuals are not affiliated with Michigan Technological University and the Michigan Tech Archives bears no responsibility for the quality of their work product.

Marjorie Lindley
755 Seventh Street
Laurium, MI 49913
Will do look ups in the MTU Archives and marriage records in the courthouse. Also local cemeteries, photos, and information.

Avis West
49215 Roosevelt Rd.
Hancock, MI 49930
I have 25 years of genealogy experience with 10 years as president of the Houghton Keweenaw Genealogical Society.

One comment on “Research Services”

  • Jacqueline B. Dowland
    February 10, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    I grew up in Hancock and my parents lived there until they passed. My father was a Professor Emeritus at M.T.U., and was instrumental in starting the High School Hockey Program, building an ice rink for the county, and his accomplishments are many…

    I was an aspiring Figure skater. I was an instructor at the summer Figure Skating School at the Student Ice Arena, the first year. I saved all that I could, but lost all of it in a fire, when we lost our home in 1989. I am not in good health, so my traveling is out of the question.

    Can you help me replace some of the past for me to share with my sons and their families?

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