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Keat Ghee Ong Receives 3M Nontenured Faculty Award

Keat Ghee Ong, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has received 3M Nontenured Faculty Awards in 2009 and 2010 to support his research on wireless implantable sensor technologies. The award, which is nominated by 3M researchers working on research topics that are of interest to 3M, is currently sponsored by Jim Vanous of SEMS Electronics Applications group.

Researcher Envisions Many Uses for Small Biosensors

Story by John Gagnon

Picture yourself with an aortic aneurysm, a weak spot in the vessel that bulges outward and is in danger of bursting. Your doctor has fixed it with a stent, which is like sealing off the weak spot and putting in a new, stronger channel. But what if the stent leaks? That’s a problem that Keat Ghee Ong, an assistant professor in the biomedical engineering department, is addressing. He is devising a wireless sensor, the size of a small paper clip, that could be implanted by the stent. “It’s a good, easy and inexpensive way to scan it to make sure there are no leaks,” he says.

Students Travel to Ghana with New Medical Device

Story by John Gagnon, promotional writer

Four students embarked to Ghana Thursday to test and demonstrate an infant heartbeat detector they developed which could reduce newborn infant deaths in developing countries.

The team will visit Kumasi, Kranka and Synyani in the west African country to show their device to physicians and midwives to determine its usefulness and get their feedback on how it could be improved.