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Biomed Students Win Biotechnology Research Center Student Research Forum Awards

The Ecosystem Science Center and the Biotechnology Research Center announce award recipients of the Seventh Annual ESC/BRC Student Research Forum, held March 25.

For the graduate students, two Grand Prize Awards, six Merit Awards and two Honorable Mention Awards were presented. They were selected from among the 42 posters and abstracts submitted by graduate students conducting research related to ecology, the environment and biotechnology at Michigan Tech. New this year was a separate undergraduate research division with 9 submissions. For the undergraduate students, each center awarded a grand prize winner.

Posters will continue to be on display in the atrium of the Forestry building through April 8.

Megan Frost, Rupak Rajachar, Keat Ghee Ong Receive Funding

Assistant Professor Megan Frost (BME) and Co-PI John Diebel (TED) have received $46,560 from Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative (MUCI), for a one-year project, “Nitric Oxide Releasing Intravascular Sensor.”

Assistant Professor Rupak Rajachar (BME), Co-PI Keat Ong(BME) and Co-PI Mike Morley (TED), have received $19,785 from the Michigan Universities Commercialization Initiative (MUCI) for a one-year project, “Vibrational Coating for Improvement of Long-Term Stability of Trancutaneous Implants.”

Keat Ghee Ong and Rupak Rajachar Receive Funding

Assistant Professors Keat Ghee Ong (BME) and Rupak Rajachar (BME) have received $146,764 from the US Department of Defense CDMRP for a two-year project, “Remotely Activated, Sub-Micron Vibrating Surfaces for Controlling Infections and Uncontrolled Fibrosis at the Osseointegrated Limb Interfaces.”

Keat G. Ong (Biomedical Engineering) has received $212,727 from the US Department of Defense, Army, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, for a two-year project, “A Wireless Sensor System for Real-Time Measurement of Pressure Profiles at Lower Limb Prostheses to Ensure Proper Fitting.”

Keat Ghee Ong Receives 3M Nontenured Faculty Award

Keat Ghee Ong, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has received 3M Nontenured Faculty Awards in 2009 and 2010 to support his research on wireless implantable sensor technologies. The award, which is nominated by 3M researchers working on research topics that are of interest to 3M, is currently sponsored by Jim Vanous of SEMS Electronics Applications group.