By what date must I register for my courses?

The last day to register for a course is the last day of week 1 of the term (Friday, 5pm).  Courses do fill, however, so it is advisable to register well before that.  In Chemical Engineering, the main technical courses do not fill, meaning, we will keep adding seats to accommodate all students who wish to take the courses.  Lab sections do fill, however, and you may not get your first choice of lab section if you wait until the last minute to register.

Outside of the Chemical Engineering program, courses do sometimes fill up, and again, lab sections fill.  If you find that you need a section that is full, please contact the Departmental coordinator for the department offering the course.  This person  may be able to get you into the course or may put you on a waiting list.  The coordinators have a good idea of whether a new section will be added or whether one more person can be squeezed into the course.

For first and second year General Education courses, there are hard limits on the numbers of seats offered, but there are often good substitute courses you can take to keep making progress in your degree.  If UN1015 Composition is full, for example, take UN1025 Global Issues.