Can I retake a class?

You may retake any class in which you receive a CD, D, or F. However, before you retake a class there are two things that you should know:

  1. The second grade always replaces the first grade.  If you retake a class and receive a better grade this will improve both your semester and overall GPAs.  However you can retake a class and get a poorer grade.  For example if you have a D (a passing grade) and retake a course and receive an F (a failing grade), you now have a failing grade in the course and would have to retake the class a third time.
  2. You may only take a class three times.  You must receive permission from the Dean of Students Office and your academic advisor to register for a class a third time.  If the class that you are retaking is a required class for your program, and you do not pass the class during the third attempt, then you may no longer continue in the program.

Go to the Registrar’s Office webpage to read the policy on “Repeating a Course”. If you received a CD or D in any of your math, freshman chemistry, or physics courses then we strongly encourage you to retake the class before continuing on with the next course in the sequence.  See also our advising video “Getting Back on Track” for more on how to re-organize your schedule after a disappointing performance.