Do I have to take the first-year engineering courses?

It depends. The first-year engineering courses are:

  • CM 1000 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • ENG 1101 Engineering Analysis and Problem Solving, and
  • ENG 1102 Engineering Modeling and Design.

CM 1000 is optional for all students.  CM 1000 is a technical elective.  We recommend taking CM 1000 either before or at the same time as CM 2110 Material and Energy Balances.  If you have already completed CM 2110, then we recommend choosing a different technical elective instead.  

ENG 1101 and ENG 1102 are required for all students.  However, transfer students coming in with at least 50 credits and credit for MA 3160 Multivariable Calculus with Technology or one of the differential equations courses (MA 3520, MA 3521, MA 3530, or MA 3560) may choose to take substitute courses instead.  If you are planning to take a substitute course, then contact your academic advisor to have the adjustment made to your online degree audit.

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