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What do I need to know to plan out a minor in Alternative Energy Technology?

If you are interested in adding the minor in Alternative Energy Technology to your record then you’ll need to email your list of planned classes for the minor, along with the semester in which you plan to take the courses, to the chemical engineering advisor. We require this to ensure that you’ll be able to complete the minor in the time frame that you need. Then you will need to request the addition of the minor from your MyMichiganTech webpage. Directions for how to do this are on the minor page of the Registrar’s Office, Degree Services webpage.

How do I sign up for a minor?

See the minor advisor first.

If you’d like to add a minor offered by The Department of Chemical Engineering,

  • Minor in Alternative Energy Technology
  • Minor in Bioprocess Engineering
  • Minor in Mineral Processessing
  • Minor in Polymer Science and Engineering

then we require that you submit a minor audit form to the advisor before the minor can be added.  You may then submit a request to add the minor using the online curriculum change portlet on your MyMichiganTech webpage.  Directions for using the curriculum change portlet are available on the Registrar’s Office webpage.

What are the requirements for the minor in alternative energy technology?

To obtain the minor in alternative energy technology, you must take 16 credits from an approved list of courses.  Of these credits, 10 credits may double count with your major requirements; six credits of upper division credits must not double count with your major or with any other minor (except as free elective).  For the specific rules for this minor, see our advising handout on the minor in alternative energy technology.