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I’m enrolled in CH 1000 Introductory Chemistry. Can I change to CH 1150 University Chemistry?

Maybe. Students who are placed into precalculus are automatically enrolled in CH 1000 Introductory Chemistry. Introductory chemistry is for students who didn’t take chemistry in high school or who need to review chemistry fundamentals before enrolling in University Chemistry (CH 1150/1151/1153).

If you are enrolled in precalculus or higher (MA 1032 or MA 1120 or higher) AND received a B or better in high school algebra AND a B or better in high school chemistry then you may change to University Chemistry (CH 1150/1151/1153). Contact your academic advisor to request this change.

If it has been awhile since you’ve taken chemistry or you are unsure of which chemistry class you should start in then go to the Chemistry Department’s first-year chemistry page. They have a lot of good information available to help guide your decision.

Why am I getting a “Major Restriction” error when I try to enroll in University Chemistry II lab/recitation?

In the spring semester there is one section of CH 1161 University Chemistry Lab II and one section of CH 1163 University Chemistry Recitation II that is reserved for only chemistry majors, which is not us.  This section is indicated under “course comments” when you click on the CRN for any of the lab or recitation sections.

You will need to choose a different section of CH 1161 and/or CH 1163.

Note that CH 1163 U Chem II recitation is recommended because of positive feedback we’ve received from students who have taken it.  They tell us that it is even more helpful than U Chem I recitation because U Chem II is more new material and less review of high school chemistry topics than U Chem I.  If you choose to take U Chem II recitation then it can count towards your free elective requirement.

I transferred in University Chemistry I, but have “TW credit” for University Chemistry I Recitation, CH1153. What does this mean?

The TW means that the credit for this course has been “transfer waived”. You did not receive credit for the recitation class, so you will need to make up the missing credit with something else.  See your academic advisor for course approval and to have the adjustment made to your online degree audit.