What are the rules for repeating classes?

  • You may only retake a class in which you receive a CD, D, or F.
  • The second grade always replaces the first grade, even if the second grade is lower. If you retake a class and receive a better grade, the new grade replaces the old grade.  This will improve both your semester and overall GPAs. However you can retake a class and get a worse grade. For example if you have a D (a passing grade) and retake a course and receive an F (a failing grade), you now have a failing grade in the course and would have to retake the class a third time.
  • You may only take a class three times. You must receive permission from the Office of Student Affairs and your academic advisor to register for a class the third time. If the class that you are retaking is a required class for your program, and you do not pass the class during the third attempt, then you may no longer continue in the program.
  • You may retake a class at another institution and transfer in the credit.  If you earn a C or better (note that CD and C- do not transfer) in a course that transfers in as one you wish to replace, the credit will transfer and the original grade will be removed from the calculation of your GPA.  The grade you earn at the other institution does not transfer; only the credit transfers, and only if you earn a C or higher.

The University’s policy on retaking classes is posted on the Registrar’s website.