What information needs be in my capstone design abstract?

Your project summary will need to addresses the following topics. If your project is though an Enterprise team then you’ll use the Enterprise project template.


This is a brief description of the context of the project.

Functional Requirements

This is what the device or process should be able to do.

Realistic Constraints

These are your design boundaries. You are required to address the following.

  • Engineering Codes and Standards. Codes are legally enforceable, such as ASME BPV, OSHA, 1990 Clean Air Act, RCRA, CERCLA (Superfund), etc. Standards are best practices, such as TEMA, ASTM, etc.
  • Economic Factors. Examples are process or product cost, market pricing, market opportunities, target markets, pricing, minimum selling price, availability of raw materials, etc.
  • Physical Limitations. Examples are size, weight, ergonomics, user interface, service life, ability to operate in a hazardous environment, etc.
  • Health and Safety Issues. Examples are laboratory practices, OSHA regulations, operator exposure to toxic chemicals, mechanical guarding, hot surfaces, fire and explosion situations, fail-safe mode, handling spills, etc.
  • Environmental Concerns. Examples are EPA regulations, identifying and handling air emissions and liquid/solid wastes, etc.
  • Ethical Conduct. Examples are adherence to codes of ethics from organizations like AIChE or the Order of the Engineer, responsible conduct of research, etc.
  • Include additional constraints when applicable. Examples are sustainability, manufacturability, constructability, social ramification, political factors, legal issues, etc.


These are the final outputs of your project. You are required to include an economic analysis as part of your deliverables. The analysis should considers economic factors from both customer and sponsor perspectives when possible. Describe your intended economic analysis and include the types of economic factors that will be considered.

Sponsor Interactions

If you have a sponsor, this is a description of how your sponsor is involved. Sponsors sometimes provide information and materials as well as communication throughout the project.

Team Organization

This is a description of your team. Include team member names, major, and year in school.