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How do I have a project approved for senior design?

In order to have your project approved for senior design, you will need to complete a project abstract and petition form.  If your project is through Enterprise, then you will be using the second semester course, ENT 4960, as a substitute for CM 4861.

Your project will need to include:
1.  Appropriate engineering standards,
2.  Multiple realistic constraints, and
3.  Economic consideration, which is usually an economic analysis to discriminate between your design options.

If several students are working on the same project, then you will be submitting one abstract and petition form for the team.

You will need to review your project with the ABET committee chair and the department’s lead design instructor.  Once you’ve received approval for your project then submit a pdf of your materials to the chemical engineering advisor.    Materials should be submitted no later than week 5 of fall semester.

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How does doing Enterprise for senior design work?

If you are involved in Enterprise, you may choose to use your Enterprise experience towards your senior design requirement, pending departmental approval of your project. Students choosing this option will take the following design classes senior year:

Fall semester – CM 4855 ChE Process Analysis and Design I. 3 credits. All ChE students take this course.

Fall semester – ENT 4950 Enterprise Project Work V Capstone. 2 credits. You will need departmental permission to enroll in this class. This course can count towards your technical electives or free electives, if needed.

Spring semester – CM 4860 ChE Process Analysis and Design II. 2 credits. All ChE students take this course.

Spring semester – ENT 4960 Enterprise Project Work VI Capstone. 2 credits. This course will substitute for CM 4861 (1 credit) on your online degree audit. The additional credit from this course can count towards your technical or free electives, if needed.