What should I minor in?

Asking what you should minor is like asking what you should major in.  The answer is:  whatever you like.

To help you explore your options, here is a list of minors that other chemical engineering majors have found appealing.  Go to the Registrar’s Office minor page for the most current requirements.

Chemical Engineering Minors

These minors are offered by our department.  They are matched with our faculty’s areas of expertise.

Minors in Related Fields

  • Business or Economics – if you’re interested in engineering management.
  • Foreign Languages – if you’re interested in international business or manufacturing.
  • Mathematics – if you’re interested in graduate studies in engineering or science.
  • Statistics – if you’re interested in almost any area including business, manufacturing, and research.
  • Data Acquisition and Industrial Control – if you’re interested in process automation and control.
  • Sustainable Biomaterials or Environmental Studies – if you’re interested in sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  • Chemistry – if you’re interested in deepening your chemistry knowledge.
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry – if you’re interested in pharmaceutical manufacturing (but also look at the bioprocess engineering minor).

We’ve also had students minor in unrelated fields because it interested them, like art, music, history, psychology, and others. That’s fine too.

Browse through the full list of minors available at Michigan Tech.