Youth Program Celebrates 35 Years

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Summer Youth Programs

Youth Programs celebrated 35 years of introducing youth to science, engineering, technology and Michigan Tech with an ice cream social.

President Glenn Mroz praised the Youth Programs staff and alumni who have developed the Youth Programs over the past 35 years and seen it grow from 60 summer youth program students to several hundred a year.

Youth Programs organizes Summer Youth Explorations, Women in Engineering, Explorations in Engineering, American Indian Workshop and Women in Computer Science.

The event was held to celebrate the years of excellence in precollege programming and recognize the impact Summer Youth Programs has had on over 35,000 students.

Crowl Receives Leach Award from AIChE

At the AICHE Fall National meeting in Salt Lake City, Dan Crowl received the Gary Leach Award from the AICHE Board of Directors. The award is shared with the other members of the AICHE Chem-E-Car Safety Task Force.

The Gary Leach Award “Recognizes and publicizes the activities of a group in the organization whose performance showed significant accomplishments toward the Institute’s mission and objectives.” The award certificate states “In recognition of the Chem-E-Car Safety Task Force for its thorough review and recommendations designed to ensure the safety of student participants in the competition.

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Chemical Engineering Labs are Model for Laboratory Safety

On July 23 and 24th, four visitors from South Korea visited the Department of Chemical Engineering to meet with Daniel Crowl, Professor of Chemical engineering, David Caspary, Manager of Laboratory Facilities and Allen Niemi, Director of Occupational Safety and Health.  The purpose of the trip was to examine the department’s laboratory safety program.  They would like to use the chemical engineering program as a model for improvements in laboratory safety in South Korea.

The visitors included I. Park of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Y. Jo, S. Jung and D. Yang of the Korean Gas Safety Corporation.

The visitors will continue to work with the department on joint programs to the benefit of both.

An International Research Exchange Agreement already exists between Michigan Tech and the Korean Gas Safety Corporation.”

Research Project Receives Funding from General Motors

David R. Shonnard (Chemical Engineering), Susan T. Bagley (Biological Sciences), Heather Youngs (Biological Sciences) and Patricia Heiden (Chemistry) received $275,027 over two years from General Motors for “A Systems Approach to Improving Processing Efficiency of Forest Biomass for Co-Production of Biofuels and Biopolymers,” a multidisciplinary research project on producing biofuels/bioproducts from woody biomass.

Making a Difference Staff Awards

David Caspary, manager of laboratory facilities for the Department of Chemical Engineering, has earned the Unsung Hero award, which recognizes staff who are a quiet but steady presence in their department, demonstrate a willingness to fill in whenever needed, take initiative to solve problems and improve work situations without being prompted or consistently go above and beyond without fanfare. Caspary was a “driving force” in helping to develop the Unit Operation’s Process Simulation and Control Center at Michigan Tech and his “commitment to maintaining a great (and safe) educational experience.”

Security Foam Research

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Michigan Tech’s Center for Environmentally Benign Functional Materials and its Sustainable Futures Institute have been awarded $1.7 million to develop structural foams that could be used in security applications. The research is being conducted by principal investigator Ghatu Subhash of the MEEM department and Co-principal investigators Gerard Caneba and David Shonnard, both of the Department of Chemical Engineering.