Category: Health Informatics

AC Faculty Candidate Keith Feldman to Give Research Presentation

Department of Applied Computing tenure-track faculty candidate Keith Feldman will give a research presentation on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 2 pm in Rekhi 214. The title of Feldman’s presentation is, “Beyond Modeling: Contextualizing Data and Improving Patient Representations in the Context of Learning Health Systems.”

Guy Hembroff Receives Grant from Henry Ford Health

Associate professor Guy Hembroff, Applied Computing, was recently awarded and began a 6-month research project sponsored by Henry Ford Health to develop a deep-learning model to identify low bone mass from radiographic knee images. The model will aim to detect low bone mass early on, reducing imaging costs and expediting treatment.

Yu Cai, Guy Hembroff to Receive Provost’s Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence

Yu Cai, professor and associate chair in the Department of Applied Computing, and Guy Hembroff, associate professor in the Department of Applied Computing, are recipients of this year’s Provost’s Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence (PASTE). This award provides special recognition to instructors who have been nominated as finalists for the Distinguished Teaching Awards four or more times.