STEM Outreach Influences Engineers

MySanAntonio, a web site featuring news about San Antonio, Texas, people, published an article about Melanie McCoy, an engineer and the only female power and water supervisor in Texas. McCoy mentioned Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Program and its influence on young people going into STEM fields. Read the article here.

From Tech Today.

Sebewaing supervisor is only woman to hold such position in state

“Back then, and even now, there are very few female engineers. That is a shame — it’s an open field (for jobs) for everyone,” she said. “The focus now is to get more girls and woman interested in STEM academics and in engineering jobs.”

An education in STEM classes can go for engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, chemical fields, among others.

“Engineering has some of the best jobs in the world. I love it,” McCoy said.

“Each summer, Michigan Tech (college) hosts a program on STEM for juniors and sophomore students,” said McCoy. “About 65 percent of those to attend the program go on to college.”

Read more at MySanAntonio, by Mary Drier.