Day: March 12, 2024

Simon Carn on the Eruption of La Cumbre Volcano

Aerial view of La Cumbre, the lava flow, and the edge of Fernandina.
Fernandina Island showing the active lava flow from La Cumbra on March 7, 2024. Visit NASA Earth Observatory for legend and labels.

Simon Carn (GMES) was quoted by NASA Earth Observatory in a story about an eruption of the La Cumbre volcano in the Galápagos islands. The eruption began March 2 on Fernandina Island, and the story included a March 7 aerial image showing continued active lava flow.

“This is typical of lava-producing effusive eruptions, which usually show peak emissions early on followed by a steady decline towards the end of the eruption.”

Simon Carn, professor in Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

Carn’s research includes using satellite measurements to constrain global volcanic SO2 production and emissions from individual volcanoes.