How to edit a style

Styles apply a common set of formatting to a paragraph within Word.  In a previous post, we showed how to apply a style to a paragraph.  This tutorial will show two ways to edit an existing style.

First, edit the text as you desire.  In the example below, I have edited the text “Introduction” to be a different font (Adobe Garamond Pro Bold) and size (24 point) than the original Heading 1 style.  We can tell Heading 1 is applied to this text because it is outlined in orange in the Style section of the ribbon.

Edit the text to meet your specifications.

Right click on “Heading 1” to display a contextual menu, and select “Update Heading 1 to match selection.”

Right click on "Heading 1" to display the contextual menu.

After the style is updated, the preview text for Heading 1 will now match the text you edited.

The Heading 1 text is now updated to match the edited text.

The style can also be updated from within the Styles window.

  • Click the circled icon to display the Styles window.
  • Right click on Heading 1, or click on the arrow to the right of Heading 1.  The arrow will appear when you roll over the right side.
  • Select “Update Heading 1 to match selection” to update the style.

Styles can also be updated from the Styles window.