Biomedical Engineering Announces 2014 Kenneth L. Stevenson Research Fellows

The Department of Biomedical Engineering announces the recipients of the 2014 Kenneth L. Stevenson Research Fellows.  Two undergraduate and two graduate students are selected annually to receive these competitive research fellowships.  The Stevenson Fellows program provides an opportunity for upper-level undergraduate and early-stage graduate students to spend the summer in a total immersion research experience in a biomedical engineering research laboratory.  The annual competition is open to students from all academic departments who wish to explore biomedical engineering research and provides a generous research stipend.

This year’s undergraduate recipients are Mitchell Tahtinen and Mitchell Kirby, both third-year biomedical engineering students. Mitch Tahtinen will work with Assistant Professor Feng Zhao on a project entitled, “Prevascularization of Natural Extracellular Matrix Scaffold.” Mitch Kirby will work with Assistant Professor Xuan Liu on 3-D optical coherence tomography-based microangiography.

Graduate students receiving Stevenson fellowships this year are Yuting Li and Ameya Narkar. Both are biomedical engineering doctoral students working with Bruce Lee, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering.  Ameya and Yuting will be working on the development and medical applications of biomimetic adhesives.

The Stevenson fellowship program is made possible through generous support from Charles ’81 and Joni Stevenson.

Published in Tech Today.