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Opportunities for funding graduate education.

ASEE/NSF Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship


The Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides recent engineering PhD recipients the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research in a corporate setting. These creative and highly trained engineers will contribute to areas of great interest and relevance to the nation.  Each research fellow will receive a stipend of at least $75,000 plus health insurance benefits. The host company  will provide a minimum of $27,500 and other non-cash support.  With generous support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), this program will support  40 positions for a one-year appointment

To find out more about this position, please visit:

Nominations Open for Dean’s Fellowships

Nominations are now open for the Graduate School Dean’s Fellowship.  Nominations are due no later than 4pm on March 1, 2010 in the Graduate School.

This fellowship assists with the recruitment of highly talented applicants to Michigan Tech’s PhD programs.

Please see our web page for full details on eligibility and the application procedure.  Questions may be directed to Debra Charlesworth.

Facebook Launches Fellowship Program to Promote Social Computing Research

Facebook Fellowship Program

Every day Facebook confronts the most complex technical problems and we believe that close relationships with the academy will enable us to address many of these problems at a fundamental level and solve them. As part of our ongoing commitment to academic relations, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Facebook Fellowship program to support graduate students in the 2010-2011 school year.

We are interested in a wide range of academic topics, including the following topical areas:

  • Internet Economics: auction theory and algorithmic game theory relevant to online advertising auctions.
  • Cloud Computing: storage, databases, and optimization for computing in a massively distributed environment.
  • Social Computing: models, algorithms and systems around social networks, social media, social search and collaborative environments.
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning: learning algorithms, feature generation, and evaluation methods to produce effective online and offline models of behavioral signals.
  • Systems: hardware, operating system, runtime, and language support for fast, scalable, efficient data centers.
  • Information Retrieval: search algorithms, information extraction, question answering, cross-lingual retrieval and multimedia retrieval

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full-time Ph.D. students in topical areas represented by these fellowships who are currently involved in on-going research.
  • Students must be studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, System Architecture, or a related area.
  • Students must be enrolled during the academic year that the Fellowship is awarded.
  • Students must be nominated by a faculty member.

For more information about application/faculty nomination process visit:

Summer Undergraduate/Graduate Research Programs

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates:

NIH Summer Internship Programs:

GREAT Group Summer Undergraduate/Graduate Research Programs for Biomedical Students:

Search Pathways Undergraduate/Graduate/Postdoc Research Summer Opportunities:

If you are interested in looking for a summer research experience/program, please contact Jodi Lehman (

Motivate Michigan Initiative: An idea-based competition

As you know, the State of Michigan has been hit very hard by this recession.
CIBER Inc. along with our partners is giving you the opportunity to help improve
Michigan’s economy.   We would like to request your creativity and ideas on how
to help restore Michigan to its former glory, and as a result, you could win one
of 10 scholarships.

The “Motivate Michigan” initiative is an idea-based competition designed for
economic impact.  It is open to students in accredited Michigan colleges and
universities.  T eams and individual students are encouraged to submit ideas
online.  The ideas will be judged on creativity, originality, practicality, and
the potential economic impact to the state of Michigan.

Our committee will determine the top 10 ideas which will be posted online to
allow the general public to vote for the best idea.  The five students that
receive the most votes will then present their ideas to a panel of judges
consisting of representatives from our corporate sponsors (including Comerica,
Meijer, MEDC and others).  Winners will receive one of ten possible scholarships
ranging from 1% to 40% of the scholarship pool, which is currently at $71,000.

The winning idea will undergo a feasibility test and an implementation plan will
be developed, free of charge by CIBER Inc.

For more information or to s ubmit your ideas go to
during the months of January and February.  All entries must be submitted no
later than February 26, 2010.   Complete contest rules are available at

Students have always been seen as the innovators and our hope for the future.
That future has finally come.  Think of the next big idea and you could be a part
of the economic turn-around in Michigan (and win a scholarship).

AIAA Graduate Fellowships: Open to International Students


The Foundation and the Technical Committees of AIAA present several funding opportunities.

Martin Summerfield Graduate Award in Propellents and Combustion

Eligible applicants will be actively participating in research endeavors in propellants and combustion as part of their graduate studies.

Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Eligible applicants will be participating in research endeavors that will impact one or more of the areas of guidance, navigation, and control as part of their graduate studies.

Gordon C. Oates Air Breathing Propulsion Graduate Award

Eligible applicants will be participating in research endeavors in air breathing propulsion as part of their graduate studies.

Orville and Wilbur Wright

Eligible applicants will be participating in research endeavors in engineering sciences.

John Leland Atwood

Eligible applicants will be participating in research endeavors in one of the 65 specialty areas represented by AIAA Technical Committees

Open Topic Graduate Award

Eligible applicants will be participating in research endeavors in one of the 65 specialty areas represented by AIAA Technical Committees

Open to any nationality.

Eligible applicants must have completed at least one academic year of full-time graduate work.  Applicant must have a grade point average of not less than 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.

Deadline: Jan 31

Fusion Energy Sciences Fellowship Program

Description: Offers talented students the opportunity to engage in the study and research of fusion energy sciences and technology, while fostering practical work experiences at recognized research facilities. Provides incentive and support to students as they continue their education in graduate school and prepare for careers in fusion energy.

Discipline(s): physical sciences; engineering; mathematics; related scientific disciplines

Eligibility: U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents. Undergraduate seniors; bachelor’s recipients; and first and second year graduate students at the time of application

Location(s): Various locations across U. S. Participating universities with practicums at various U.S. Department of Energy research facilities

Duration: Maximum 36 months with annual renewal

Deadline(s): January 31

Benefits: $24,000 annual stipend and full payment of tuition and fees; $750 per month practicum allowance; opportunity to attend professional meetings and to participate in long-term graduate research ad DOE fusion research facilities.

Funding source(s): U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences

How to apply: Application materials available at