Day: December 1, 2014

A Campus Garden Memorializes Loved Ones Lost

A beautiful garden thrives around the south edge of the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, and dotted through the landscape will be thoughtful memorials.

The first memorial is a remembrance for the late Tom Drummer, mathematical sciences professor who died last year, but the hope is that the friends and families of students, faculty and staff who passed away while a member of the Michigan Tech community may find peace in adding a remembrance stone for their loved one.

“I am delighted that the first stone in the Remembrance Garden honors Tom Drummer,” said Mark Gockenbach, chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. “He was a great colleague and friend, and he had a lasting influence on the many students he taught, mentored and counseled.”

From Tech Today

50 Years of Fisher Hall

Fisher Hall has reached a milestone this fall: the big 5-0.

Anyone attending Tech within the last fifty years knows this campus landmark, which has been many things for many people—home for mathematics and physics majors, headquarters for gen ed courses, terror for first-years in chemistry, budget entertainment, and even a venue for true love (more on that later). Fisher has a character all its own—an identity that is as much tied to the Huskies who walked its halls as it is seated in the building’s physical attributes.

From the Michigan Tech Magazine