Day: November 8, 2023

Meiling Zhou Receives Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is pleased to announce that Meiling Zhou has been selected to receive the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Meiling was nominated by the department and recognized for her accomplishments by the Graduate School at Michigan Tech.

Meiling is a PhD Candidate in Statistics who is studying under the supervision of her advisor, Dr. Kui Zhang.

To learn more about the Dean’s Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching award, please visit the following link:

Meiling indicated that the time spent with her students is truly quite enjoyable. We are very proud of her and her accomplishment.

An exceptionally touching student comment from Zhou’s most recent teaching evaluation reads as follows:

“Genuinely the sweetest human I’ve ever met, you can tell she deeply cares about her students and their success. She supports us no matter if we struggle with a concept or excel at it and interacts with students even if it’s just asking about our days. [She is] just an amazing teacher because you can tell she cared about us as well as understood how to teach us”.

Student evaluation quote

It is the dedication, compassion and professionalism demonstrated by Meiling that pointed to her being an ideal candidate and recipient of this distinguished award.