Will Cantrell on Best Professors

Associate Professor Will Cantrell (Physics) is quoted in an article about how to find the best professors, published on the web site OnlineSchools.org. See Online Schools.

From Tech Today.

The Faculty Factor: How to Pick the Best Professors

Learning that takes place outside of the classroom is also equally important, and frequent interaction with professors can lead to greater gains in personal development and general education knowledge, the study found. It’s all about having a professor who is accessible.

“If you can go to a professor’s office and ask him or her for help, you will be able to learn a lot more,” says Will Cantrell, an associate professor of physics at Michigan Technological University. “A lot of university-level material is difficult. You probably will get stuck on something. There’s no substitute for having someone who has already mastered the material help you get unstuck.”

When you’re looking for a new dentist or hair dresser, it’s almost a no-brainer that you get the word-of-mouth before you’re sitting in the chair and it’s too late. The same can go for professors. When shopping for classes, ask current students in your area of study for recommendations on teachers they’ve liked.

“Talk to other students. There is no substitute for this,” says Cantrell. “Ask other students what classes they liked, and more importantly, why they liked those classes and professors. Take classes from professors that helped students learn, not just the ones who were easy.”

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