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The Elizabeth and Richard Henes Center for Quantum Phenomena

Jacek Borysow Interviewed on Department Improvements

Jacek Borysow Department Improvements
Jacek Borysow

Local students will soon see big improvements in the physics department

Elizabeth and Richard Henes see great potential in Michigan Tech’s physics department. Five years ago, a Tech professor impressed them by using a mouse trap to demonstrate quantum mechanics.

“There are only certain states, like energy [or] velocity which are allowed for the molecule. A mouse trap has only 2 states. One when the spring is loose and one when it is, how do you call it, set. Mr. Henes said thank you for the lecture and handed us a check for seven hundred thousand dollars,” said Jacek Borysow, a Physics Professor at the University.

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New Henes Gift Enables First Step Toward Institute of Quantum Phenomena at Michigan Tech

Michigan Technological University’s Physics Department sees itself poised on the brink of greatness.  Richard and Elizabeth Henes agree.  Longtime and generous supporters of Michigan Tech, the couple has donated another $700,000 to the University to upgrade research facilities in Fisher Hall, including infrastructure improvements.

“This latest gift will help Michigan Tech continue to build an outstanding physics department that is working at the cutting edge of modern physics,” said University President Glenn D. Mroz.  Building and improving our facilities helps attract and retain researchers at the forefront of their fields, he explained. Both goals are priorities of a $200 million capital campaign now under way.

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