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How do you serve?

Edward M. Leonard, Jr.
Physics Alum ’12

Mind Trekkers is a group of undergraduate students from all disciplines that take STEM. “The best part about this group? It’s 100% volunteer on the student side. After finishing homework for the night, it’s Mind Trekker time. There are always more logistics to work, more lessons to plan, and more demonstrations to write, and it’s with the will power and dedication of the volunteers that we are the dynamic sensation that we are today.” READ MORE

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Graduating Before Commencement and Dedication to Duty

On the Wednesday before obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I left Houghton at 05:00 with 16 other Mind Trekkers for DC (story here). On Saturday, I woke up, donned my Mind Trekkers jersey, and went to the event. I noted that Bill Nye would be signing things starting at 11am, so around then I put on my cap and gown, grabbed my diploma cover, and John Lehman (assistant VP, enrollment services) and myself headed over there. READ MORE

New Staff

Adam Webb joins MTRI as a research engineer/scientist. Previously, Webb was senior engineer-systems for General Dynamics and a research engineer at Emag Technologies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s in physics from Michigan Tech. He lives with his wife, Traci, in South Lyon.

Distinguished Physics Alum Outreaches with Dragonfly Talk

Dr. Joseph Roti Roti, a 1965 physics graduate, has many interests. He is a retired radiation biologist still involved in the teaching of radiation oncology residents and currently professor emeritus, department of radiation oncology at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. He holds a BS in physics from Michigan Tech and a PhD in biophysics from the University of Rochester.

Joseph Roti Roti will present a gallery talk entitled “The Fascinating World of Dragonflies: Dragonflies through the Camera Lens” on April 7 in the Niles District Library in Niles, Michigan. The Roti Roti family been involved with nature art and conservation for four generations. There is a Roti Roti Gallery in the Buchanen Art Center, Buchanen, Michigan. Joseph Roti Roti is among the Distinguished Alumni in the Academy of Sciences and Arts at Michigan Tech.