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Graduate Student Government Presents Research Colloquium February 2-3, 2012

Each spring, GSG sponsors the Graduate Research Colloquium Poster & Presentation Competition. Poster Presentations in physics include (view the abstract list):

  • “Thallium Doping of (PbSn).5Te.5 and Iodine Doping of PbTe to Create More Efficient Thermoelectric Materials” by MICHAEL ADLER (Physics Undergraduate Major)
  • “Computational Prediction of the Behavior of MOF-74 Under Hydrated Conditions” by ANDREW J. KENNEDY & LOREDANA VALENZANO (Assistant Research Scientist)

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Michael Adler
Michael Adler
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy

Michigan Tech Graduate Research Colloquium 2011

The Graduate School Government sponsored a campuswide research symposium on March 3-4, 2011. The main events of this symposium were a Poster Presentation Session and a Research Colloquium. A joint physics and mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics poster was presented, Zinc Oxide nanostructures decorated with Core Shell quantum dots for energy harvesting applications by Abhishek Prasad, Archana Pandey, Karl Walczak, Advisors: Drs. Craig Friedrich and Yoke Khin Yap.

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