Gohman Publishes “The Cliff: America’s First Copper Mine: Revisted”

Gohman1Sean Gohman, PhD Candidate, Industrial Heritage and Archaeology, had the pleasure of working with the Quincy Mine Hoist Association this past year to publish an updated edition of Don Chaput’s The Cliff: America’s First Great Copper Mine. First published in 1971, the book had been out of print for decades, and the Hoist Assoc. took on the rights and asked Gohman to add some new material in order to make the book more than just a history book, but instead to promote Copper Country heritage (such as the site’s history from c.1900 to the present, site mapping, landscape evolution, archaeology, and environmental remediation at the site). It’s put together to be ‘2 books in 1’, with Chaput’s original material followed by Gohman’s (formatted as closely as he could to the original). Gohman feels the new edition is now more than just a local history book.

The soft-cover version just came out a few weeks ago and is available pretty much wherever books are sold locally (hard covers arriving in shops shortly).  It is also available at the Quincy Mine Hoist Association website.

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