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Proposals in Progress for July 15, 2014

PI Patrick Martin (SS) and Co-PI Sean Gohman (SS), “Archaeological Surveys, Fort Wilkins State Park,” Michigan DNR.

PI Timothy Scarlett (SS), “pXRF Study of Antique Pottery in Two Utah Museums,” Utah Humanities Council.

PI Richelle Winkler (SS), “Angler Demographics–An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis,” Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

PI Adam Wellstead (SS), “Measuring Policy Capacity in the Great Lakes Fisheries Sector,” Great Lakes Commission.

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Proposals in Progress June 3, 2013

Associate Professor Carol MacLennan (SS), “Oral History of Torch Lake Copper Reclamation, 1940-1970,” Keweenaw National Historical Park.

Associate Professor Timothy Scarlett (SS), Associate Professor Samuel Sweitz (SS) and Associate Professor Fred Quivik (SS), “2013 Public Archaeology at the Cliff Mine,” Keweenaw National Historical Park.

Associate Professor Audrey Mayer (SS), “Protecting the Great Lakes from Invasive Species: Science to Support Policy,” University of Michigan.

Associate Professor Hugh Gorman (SS/GLRC) and Assistant Professor Adam Wellstead (SS/GLRC), “Evaluating the Role of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in Enhancing the Policy Capacity of Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPS),” University of Michigan Water Center.

Proposals in Progress for April 11, 2013

Associate Professor Audrey Mayer (SS/SFI), Assistant Professor Laura Brown (CS/SFI), Research Engineer Robert Handler (ChE/SFI), Assistant Professor Timothy Havens (ECE/SFI) and Assistant Professor Mark Rouleau (SS/SFI), “Collaborative Research: CyberSEES: Type 2: Development of Data Driven Constitutive Platform of Models for Bioenergy Sustainability Assessment,” NSF.

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Proposals in Progress for April 5, 2013

Professor Alex Mayer (CEE/CWS), Professor Kathleen Halvorsen (SS/CWS), Professor Noel Urban (CEE/CWS), Assistant Professor Emma Norman (SS/CWS) and Assistant Professor Richelle Winkler (SS/CWS), “Coastal SEES (Track 2) Collaborative: The Third Coast: Keys to the Sustainability of the Great Lakes Coastal Socio-Ecological System,” NSF.

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