In Print: Wellstead Published in Policy Design and Practice

Wellstead Policy Design
Adam M. Wellstead
Professor of Public Policy, Social Sciences

Adam Wellstead (SS) is a co-author of a paper published in Policy Design and Practice. The paper is titled “Public Value and Procedural Policy Instrument Specifications in ‘Design for Service.'”

Michael Howlett of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, is the other co-author of the paper.

Wellstead joined Michigan Tech’s Social Sciences Department in 2011 after a 15-year career with the Canadian federal government. Wellstead’s background in policy and public management contributes to the research and teaching in the Environmental Policy Program. Additionally, his research interests include investigating multi-level governance arrangements in the natural resource sector, measuring policy capacity and evidence-based policy-making, policy mechanisms, and theories of the policy process. In addition, Wellstead enjoys developing and conducting (primarily online) surveys and undertaking structural equation modeling using LISREL.

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