France in Junior Year Spring – Ensea FAME

CpE and EE majors can study in Cergy, France, in Spring of junior year! Core 3rd-year courses are offered that can apply to your MTU degree. Apply for the France American Exchange Program (FAME) at the study abroad office in the Admin Building – room 200.  Application deadline is October 15th.

Plan both Fall and Spring semesters for next year if you’d like the option to go to France next Spring. Are you ready to skip a Houghton Winter?

Students on track with the 4-year plan may be able to stay on the 4-year plan:

Sample EE flowchart 2014-15 (applies to students who began Fall 2014, but others will be similar)

Sample CpE flowchart 2014-15

Courses offered:

Electronic Circuits; Lab —————————- EE3131 4 cr
Computer Arch. & Intro to Microprocessors   EE3171 3 cr,   EE’s only. Make up 1 cr with EE elective.
Algorithms & Design Analysis ——————— No CS credit; May sub for CS4321 on CpE degree.
Operating Systems ———————————- No CS credit; May use as technical elective on CpE degree.
Signals and Systems ——————————– EE3160 3 cr
Fundamentals of Power Engineering ——— EE4219 2 cr   (2 credit EE elective or CpE tech elective)
Probability and Statistics ————————-MA4760 3  (EE’s may use in place of EE3180; CpEs may use for MA3710; CAUTION: may not be well prepared for our EE3250)
Communications Systems ———————— EE3250 3 cr
French language and Culture (beg,int,adv) —- 3 cr Awaiting evaluation – IPS/Gen Ed (HASS?)


  •  Save 3 credits of HASS-HU/FA (not 2nd year HUFA) for France
  •  EE’s consider EE3250 in France if you decide to take Probability and Statistics in France
  •  Take substitution for EE3901 the Fall of 3rd year. (ENG4300(smr) or (ENT3964(smr,fall) + ENT3958(fall)))
  •  Re-plan your junior year considering the courses you’d like to take in France.

FAME program website

Cergy, France

For details on application, airfare, cost, etc…see Vienna Chapin in the Study Abroad Office – Admin 200



2016 Spring Advising Series

1. First-year and new Transfer Student who began Fall 2015 or Spring 2016:

2. Sophomores and Beyond: Prepare for 3rd/4th year:

  • Computer Engineers – coming soon
  • Electrical Engineers – Slides .pdf with links to advising topics; SO-JR Handout

3. General Education for catalog year 2015-16    Slides w/Links

4. How to Transfer Credits from Elsewhere     Slides w/Links

  • Contact:

5. What is a degree audit and how to use it       Slides w/Links

6. Study Abroad information   Slides w/Links

CpE Announcements & Reminders

1. Take CS1040, Assembly, if completing CS1141 by Spring 2016, but not CS3421. Details.

2.  CpE’s using catalog year 201208 may substitute other math/sci credits for PH2400, such as MA3160, CH1150/51, or MA3202/3.

3. CpE majors using catalog years prior to 2013 must take one  HASS elective from the “CpE HASS” list.

4. Valid course substitutions for CS3911, Numerical Methods. Applies to degree requirements prior to 2012.

CS1141, CS1142 and CS3421 changes 2016

If you took CS1141 or plan to take CS1141 in spring 2016, AND plan to take CS3421, Computer Organization next year (Fall 2016 or later),
then take CS1040, Assembly Programming, spring 2016.

If you complete(d) both CS1141 and CS3421 by spring 2016, you do not need CS1040.

If you take both courses next year, (after spring 2016) you do not need to take CS1040.
Beginning fall 2016, CS1141 becomes CS1142 and the prerequisite for CS3421. After completion of CS1122 or CS1131, you can take CS1142 and then CS3421 the following semester.

Beginning Fall 2016:

CS1142 , 3 credits, replaces CS1141 + 1 cr CS3421. The title is “Programming at the Hardware/Software Interface”.

CS3421 becomes 3 credits (was 4 cr.) The prerequisite is CS1142(was CS1122 or 1131).

Environmental Quality Engineering Electives – for concentration

BSEE Environmental Applications Concentration  (2015 flowchart)

Choose two courses (6 credits minimum) from the Environmental Quality Engineering Electives list:

ENVE 4502  Wastewater Treatment Principles and Design  Fall

ENVE 4503   Drinking Water Treatment Principles and Design  Spring

ENVE 4504   Air Quality Engineering and Science  Fall

ENVE 4505   Surface Water Quality Engineering   Fall

ENVE 4507   Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Design   Spring

ENVE 4511    Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering   Spring

Note: The Environmental Applications Concentration includes a choice of two Remote Sensing sequences:

1.  EE4252 and GE4250  DSP and it’s Applications, and Fundamentals of Remote Sensing


2. EE3090 and EE3190  Geometrical and Wave Optics, and Optical Sensing and Imaging

Link to undergraduate course descriptions

Biomedical Applications Electives – for concentration

BSEE – Biomedical Applications Concentration   (2015 flowchart)

Includes 3 credits from the biomedical engineering applications electives list:

BE2800  Biomaterials I   Spring

BE3300  Biomechanics I   Fall

BE3350  Biomechanics II   Spring

BE3800  Biomaterials II  Fall

BE4250  Biomedical Optics  Alternate Springs (odd)

BE4610  Biological Microscopy for Engineers  Alternate Falls (odd)

BE4700  Biosensors: Fabrication & Applicaions  Alternate Falls  (odd)

BE4755   Medical Devices   Fall

Link to undergraduate course descriptions  shows prerequisites, semester offerings and other course details

Note: BE2800 or BE3300 will be a required choice.  The other may be taken for the biomedical applications elective course.