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Torch Lake Watershed Project Informational Meeting

Torch LakeThe Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District will host a public informational meeting on Wednesday, February 10 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM EST at the Lake Linden-Hubbell School auditorium.
This meeting will provide information on the development of a watershed management plan for Torch Lake. Guest speakers will review the history of the industries around Torch Lake and the environmental legacy resulting from those industries.  Noel Urban (CEE) and Carol MacLennan (SS) will be giving a briefing on the contaminants in Torch Lake.
This meeting is open to all interested individuals.  RSVP is appreciated but not required. Please call or use the email address to RSVP.
Also see Keweenaw Now article for more information on the Torch Lake Watershed Project.

Schelly Authors Chapter in the Book “Putting Sustainability into Practice”

PuttingSustainabilityChelsea Schelly (SS) has a chapter, titled “How policy frameworks shape environmental practice: Three cases of alternative dwelling,” in the newly published book “Putting Sustainability into Practice: Applications and Advances in Research on Sustainable Consumption” edited by Emily Huddart Kennedy, Maurie J. Cohen and Naomi T. Krogman and released by Edward Elgar Publishing.

From Tech Today.

Langston Authors Article– Beyond the Oregon Protests: The Search for Common Ground

Jeff Scorn via Flickr: Steens Mountain from the Buena Vista Overlook at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Professor Nancy Langston wrote an Op-Ed piece in the January 28, 2016 Yale Environment 360 online edition. The piece, Beyond the Oregon Protests: The Search for Common Ground, was written following the arrests and violence earlier this week in connection with the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

She is the author of a history of Malheur Refuge titled “Where Land and Water Meet: A Western Landscape Transformed.”

Since the takeover earlier this month, Langston has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets including the New York Times, Mother Jones, the Denver Post, National Public Radio, the Washington Post and the Oregonian, among many others.

From Tech Today.

Langston Authors Article in The New York Times

LangstonNancy Langston, Professor of Environmental History, authored the article “In Oregon, Myth Mixes With Anger” published in the January 6, 2016 edition  of The New York Times.  The article focuses on the history of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Langston’s book, “Where Land and Water Meet“, which examines the history of Malheur and wildlife refuges in the West, was quoted on the January 5, 2016 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah in the piece titled “Land Wars:  Armed Standoff in Oregon”.

Industrial Archaeology Summer 2015 Field School: Isle Royale

IsleRoyaleThe Industrial Archaeology Summer 2015 Field School participated in excavation work at the Ransom Smelter on Isle Royale National Park.  Their work was captured in the production titled  Beneath the Wilderness: Revisiting Isle Royale’s Industrial Past from Ravenswood Media.

Video SummarySeth DePasqual, Cultural Resources Manager National Park Service, partners with a team of industrial archeologists from Michigan Technological University to uncover a 19th century smelter on Isle Royale National Park. Known primarily as a wilderness area, Isle Royale was, for a short time, the center of copper mining in the United States. The National Park Service provides the student archeologists with a valuable experience in industrial archeology while gathering important information for park visitors about the island’s gritty industrial past.