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CMS Linkback Help

CMS linkback bookmarklets allow you to quickly locate and edit pages when you are viewing a live site or CMS preview. There are three bookmarklets available, which can be found at http://cms.mtu.edu/Rhythmyx/linkback/help along with instructions for installing them. Once installed, bookmarklets can be used by simply clicking on them while the page you wish to locate or edit is open in your browser.

The CMS linkback bookmarklets, which can be dragged to your bookmarks toolbar for easy access. They can be found by going to cms.mtu.edu and clicking on 'Linkback Help', or by visiting the link above.

The “Rhythmx Content Explorer” bookmarklet (highlighted in red) will locate the page which is currently open in your browser and open its parent folder in the CMS. This makes it easy to find where a page lives in the CMS.

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Using the CMS from Off-Campus

Access to the Rhythmyx content management system is restricted to on-campus access only. To be able to use the system from off-campus you will need to obtain a Michigan Tech IP address using the Michigan Tech VPN. To do so you can visit vpn.mtu.edu and log-in with your Michigan Tech ISO username and password. After you are logged in you should have the ability to ‘get an MTU address’ which will allow you to access on-campus only services, such as the CMS, from off-campus. Once you have a valid Michigan Tech address you, will be able to visit http://cms.mtu.edu/Rhythmyx or http://www.mtu.edu/cms.